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Spanish Verbs For Dummies


CAD $12.99

Spanish Verbs For Dummies

Cecie Kraynak

ISBN: 978-0-470-03810-9 February 2006 284 Pages

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A fun, comprehensive way to get up to speed on Spanish

With over 325 million speakers, Spanish is in a virtual dead heat with English as the second most popular spoken language. This easy-to-follow guide shows readers how to successfully conjugate verbs, providing easy, entertaining exercises and answer keys to reinforce different grammatical rules. More than just a dictionary-style list of verbs, Spanish Verbs For Dummies covers regular verbs in the present tense and six other simple tenses, interrogatives and imperatives, irregular verbs in all seven tenses, and Spanish verb nuances.

Mary Kraynak, MA (Indianapolis, IN), teaches Spanish to junior high and high school students and has served as a technical consultant to several Spanish learning guides.


Part I: Presenting the Present Tense.

Chapter 1: Springing into Action with Spanish Verbs.

Chapter 2: Warming Up with Regular Verbs in the Present Tense.

Chapter 3: Constructing Commands and Other Verb Structures.

Chapter 4: Popping the Questions.

Chapter 5: Coming and Going with Venir and Ir.

Part II: Exploring Some Exceptional Exceptions.

Chapter 6: Declaring Your Likes and Dislikes with Gustar.

Chapter 7: Being All That You Can Be with Ser and Estar.

Chapter 8: Wrestling with Some Irregular Formations.

Part III: Working Out with the Remaining Simple Tenses.

Chapter 9: Looking Back with the Preterit and Imperfect Tenses.

Chapter 10: Looking Ahead with the Future Tense.

Chapter 11: Mastering the Big If with the Conditional Tense.

Chapter 12: Getting Wishy-Washy with the Subjunctive Mood.

Chapter 13: Conveying Uncertainty about the Past with the Imperfect Subjunctive.

Part IV: Coping with Irregular Verbs.

Chapter 14: Dealing with Present Irregularities.

Chapter 15: Confronting Irregularities in the Preterit Tense.

Chapter 16: Unveiling Irregularities in the Imperfect, Future, and Conditional Tenses.

Chapter 17: Mastering Subjectivity with the Irregular Present Subjunctive.

Part V: Getting Help with the Helping Verb Haber.

Chapter 18: Presenting the Present Perfect.

Chapter 19: Going Back in Time with the Pluperfect and the Preterit Perfect.

Chapter 20: Speaking of Lost Possibilities, the Future, and Probability.

Chapter 21: Speculating with the Present Perfect Subjunctive.

Chapter 22: Expressing Doubts about the Past with the Pluperfect Subjunctive.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Spanish Idioms You Can Shake a Stick At.

Chapter 24: (More Than) Ten Verbs for Special Occasions.

Chapter 25: Answers to the Ten Most Common Questions about Spanish.

Chapter 26: Avoiding Ten Common Spanish Verbs Mix-ups.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Spanish/English Glossary.

Appendix B: English/Spanish Glossary.

Appendix C: Common Irregular Present and Past Participles.