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The Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids

Günter Mayer

ISBN: 978-0-470-51974-5 July 2010 478 Pages


This book focuses on the methods for obtaining modified and native nucleic acids, and their biological applications.

Topics covered include:

  • chemical synthesis of modified RNA
  • expansion of the genetic alphabet in nucleic acids by creating new base pairs
  • chemical biology of DNA replication: probing DNA polymerase selectivity mechanisms with modified nucleotides
  • nucleic-acid-templated chemistry
  • chemical biology of peptide nucleic acids (PNA)
  • the interactions of small molecules with DNA and RNA
  • the architectural modules of folded RNAs
  • genesis and biological applications of locked nucleic acid (LNA)
  • small non-coding RNA in bacteria
  • microRNA-guided gene silencing
  • nucleic acids based therapies
  • innate immune recognition of nucleic acid
  • light-responsive nucleic acids for the spatiotemporal control of biological processes
  • DNA methylation
  • frameworks for programming RNA devices
  • RNA as a catalyst: The Diels-Alderase-Ribozyme
  • evolving an understanding of RNA function by in vitro approaches
  • the chemical biology of aptamers: synthesis and applications
  • nucleic acids as detection tools
  • bacterial riboswitch discovery and analysis

A comprehensive reference for bioorganic chemists, chemical biologists, medicinal chemists, cell biologists, and molecular biologists.



List of Contributors.

1 Chemical Synthesis of Modified RNA (Claudia Höbartner and Falk Wachowius).

2 Expansion of the Genetic Alphabet in Nucleic Acids by Creating New Base Pairs (Ichiro Hirao and Michiko Kimoto).

3 Chemical Biology of DNA Replication: Probing DNA Polymerase Selectivity Mechanisms with Modified Nucleotides (Andreas Marx).

4 Nucleic Acid-templated Chemistry (Michael Oberhuber).

5 Chemical Biology of Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) (Peter E. Nielsen).

6 The Interactions of Small Molecules with DNA and RNA (Yun Xie, Victor K. Tam and Yitzhak Tor).

7 The Architectural Motifs of Folded RNAs (Valérie Fritsch and Eric Westhof).

8 Genesis and Biological Applications of Locked Nucleic Acids (LNAs) (Harleen Kaur and Souvik Maiti).

9 Small Non-coding RNA in Bacteria (Sabine Brantl).

10 MicroRNA-guided Gene Silencing (Gunter Meister).

11 Nucleic Acid-based Therapies (Britta Hoehn and John J. Rossi).

12 Innate Immune Recognition of Nucleic Acids (Stefan Bauer).

13 Light-responsive Nucleic Acids for the Spatiotemporal Control of Biological Processes (Alexander Heckel and Günter Mayer).

14 DNA Methylation (Albert Jeltsch and Renata Z. Jurkowska).

15 Frameworks for Programming RNA Devices (Maung Nyan Win, Joe C. Liang and Christina D. Smolke).

16 RNA as a Catalyst: The Diels-Alderase Ribozyme (Andres Jaschke).

17 Evolving an Understanding of RNA Function by In Vitro Approaches (Qing Wang and Peter J. Unrau).

18 The Chemical Biology of Aptamers: Synthesis and Applications (Gunter Mayer and Bernhard Wulffen).

19 Nucleic Acids as Detection Tools (Jeffrey C.F. Lam, Sergio Aguirre and Yingfu Li).

20 Bacterial Riboswitch Discovery and Analysis (Tyler D. Ames and Ronald R. Breaker).


"This book will be a useful resource for post-graduates seeking to gain an overview of the subject as well as for specialists in specific areas of chemical biology." (ChemBioChem Book Reviews, 2010)

"Gunther Mayer and the contributors have assembled a valuable collection of well-written and timely articles. This book will be a useful resource for post-graduates seeking to gain an overview of the subject as well as for specialists in specific areas of chemical biology." (ChemMedChem, November 2010)