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CAD $21.99

The Green Marketing Manifesto

John Grant

ISBN: 978-0-470-68731-4 August 2009 320 Pages


We are currently eating, sleeping and breathing a new found religion of everything ‘green’. At the very heart of responsibility is industry and commerce, with everyone now racing to create their ‘environmental’ business strategy. In line with this awareness, there is much discussion about the ‘green marketing opportunity’ as a means of jumping on this bandwagon. The Green Marketing Manifesto provides a roadmap on how to organize green marketing effectively and sustainably, whilst avoiding the bandwagon.

"John Grant has been a great help over the years in thinking about how to position and market the Ecologist magazine. He’s one of the few people I have met who understands both green issues and marketing and is able to fuse the two creatively and effectively."
Zac Goldsmith, director of The Ecologist, co-chairman of The Quality of Life Group

"If green is to become truly mainstream, we’ll need companies of all sizes and sectors to find their way through the subtleties and complexities of the green marketplace, and John Grant’s Green Marketing Manifesto provides an excellent roadmap. It makes a clear and compelling case that green marketing isn’t an end unto itself, but rather a potent engine for creating business value through innovation, while fomenting genuine societal change."
—Joel Makower, Founder and Executive Editor,, and author of “Two Steps Forward” blog

"This book is essential reading for the growing numbers who are realising that good business can be good business (and that it comes from being good, not looking good)."
—Jamie Mitchell, managing director, innocent smoothies

"…[a]splendidly provocative and incredibly timely book … we need things conserved, shared, reused, recycled, slowed down and treasured at an ever deeper level. And that’s what this manifesto is all about!"
—Jonathan Porritt (from the foreword), co-founder Forum for the Future and Chairman of the UK





Setting the Scene.

A Tipping Point – And Then What?

The Green Consumer Bandwagon of 1989.

The Green Challenges.

The Marketing Challenge.

The Green Consumer? (Or All Consumers?).

Sustainability – The Backroom Revolution.

The Green Marketing Challenge.

Green Marketing’s Five I’s.

Endnote: Another Revolution.



A. Green – Setting New Standards for Responsible Products, Services, Brands, Companies.

B. Greener – Sharing Responsibility with Customers.

C. Greenest – Shaping a New Culture of Responsibility Through Innovation.

1. Public – Company Story, Engagement Campaigns, Futures.

2. Social – Identity and Community.

3. Personal – Products and Habits.

A1: Set an Example.

A2: Credible Partners.

A3: Market a Benefit.

B1: Develop the Market.

B2: Tribal Brands.

B3: Change Usage.

C1: New Business Concepts.

C2: Trojan Horse Ideas.

C3: Challenging Consuming.

A: Setting New Standards (Green).

A1: Set an Example.

A2: Credible Partners .

A3: Market a Benefit.

B: Sharing Responsibility (Greener).

B1: Develop the Market.

B2: Social/Tribal Brands.

B3: Change Usage.

C: Supporting Innovation (Greenest).

C1: New Business Concepts.

C2: Trojan Horse Ideas.

C3: Challenging Consuming .


Ideas Good, Image Bad.

A Fresh Start for Green Marketing.



"John Grant's been so smart and percipient with his new masterwork...useful, readable and clever...out now, just when we need it."  (Campaign, Friday 23rd November 2007)

"brilliant book...that will forever change the way you look at green marketing."  (, Tuesday 27th November 2007)

"outlines how environmentalism increasingly informs business strategy."  (Reuters, Thursday, 29th November 2007) 

"...the book casts new insight into green marketing."  (, Tuesday 18th December 2007)

"...thought-provoking reading for more than just marketing professionals."  (CNBC European Business, January 2008)

"Grant is not about greenwash. This is green marketing for real...before you try to think green, read this!" (Admap, February 2008)

“…a remarkable and timely book that is as thought provoking as it is comprehensive…an invaluable guide…” (The Marketer, March 2008)

“…a useful step in the right direction..." (Professional Manager, March 2008)

"If ever you've got to do a green project, this book should give you some ideas" (The Drum, October 17th 2008)