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The Handbook of Forensic Psychology, 4th Edition


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The Handbook of Forensic Psychology, 4th Edition

Irving B. Weiner (Editor), Randy K. Otto (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-34841-3 December 2013 944 Pages

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A revised new edition of one of the top references for forensic psychologists

This top professional and academic reference in forensic psychology is an established presence as both a professional reference and graduate text. This Fourth Edition is completely revised and updated for the new and rapidly growing demands of the field to reflect the new tools available to, and functions required of, present-day practitioners. The new edition expands coverage of neuropsychological assessment, eyewitness testimony, ad jury competence and decision-making, including selection, process and authority. In addition, the new ethics guidelines approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) are included and interpreted.

  • Updated to include reframed content and the introduction of new chapter topics and authors
  • Ideal for professional forensic psychologists and graduate students
  • Written by experts in the field, a clinical professor of psychiatry and an associate professor of mental health policy

Preface ix

Contributors xiii

Part One Context of Forensic Psychology

1 History of Forensic Psychology 3
Curt R. Bartol and Anne M. Bartol

2 Defining Forensic Psychology 35
Randy K. Otto and James R. P. Ogloff

3 Accessing the Law and Legal Literature 57
David DeMatteo, Michael E. Keesler, and Heidi Strohmaier

4 Practicing Ethical Forensic Psychology 85
Irving B. Weiner and Allen K. Hess

5 Training in Forensic Psychology 111
Daniel A. Krauss and Bruce D. Sales

Part Two Applying Psychology to Civil Proceedings

6 Conducting Child Custody and Parenting Evaluations 137
Philip M. Stahl

7 Conducting Personal Injury Evaluations 171
Lisa Drago Piechowski

8 Identifying and Treating Educational Disabilities 197
Daniel J. Reschly

9 Assessing Civil Capacities 219
Michele Galietta, Alexandra Garcia-Mansilla, and Barbara Stanley

10 Conducting Child Abuse and Neglect Evaluations 237
Lois O. Condie

Part Three Applying Psychology to Criminal Proceedings

11 Assessing Competency to Stand Trial 281
Patricia A. Zapf, Ronald Roesch, and Gianni Pirelli

12 Assessing Criminal Responsibility 315
Patricia A. Zapf, Stephen L. Golding, Ronald Roesch, and Gianni Pirelli

13 Specific Intent and Diminished Capacity 353
Charles R. Clark

Part Four Special Applications

14 Assessing Violence Risk 385
Kevin S. Douglas, Stephen D. Hart, Jennifer L. Groscup, and Thomas R. Litwack

15 Psychology and Law Enforcement 443
Ellen M. Scrivner, David M. Corey, and Lorraine W. Greene

16 Evaluating and Assisting Jury Competence in Civil Cases 469
Jennifer K. Robbennolt, Jennifer L. Groscup, and Steven Penrod

17 Evaluating Eyewitness Testimony of Adults 513
Stephen J. Ross, Colin G. Tredoux, and Roy S. Malpass

18 Evaluating Eyewitness Testimony of Children 561
Sue D. Hobbs, Jonni L. Johnson, Gail S. Goodman, Daniel Bederian-Gardner, Michael J. Lawler, Ivan D. Vargas, and Macaria Mendoza

19 Employing Polygraph Assessment 613
William G. Iacono and Christopher J. Patrick

20 Applying Hypnosis in Forensic Contexts 659
Alan W. Scheflin

Part Five Communicating Expert Opinions

21 Writing Forensic Reports 711
Irving B. Weiner

22 Testifying in Court 733
Randy K. Otto, Susan L. Kay, and Allen K. Hess

Part Six Intervening With Offenders

23 Practicing Psychology in Correctional Settings 759
Paul Gendreau and Claire Goggin

24 Treating Criminal Offenders 795
Robert D. Morgan, Daryl G. Kroner, Jeremy F. Mills, and Ashley B. Batastini

25 Assessing and Treating Sex Offenders 839
W. L. Marshall, Douglas Boer, and Liam E. Marshall

Appendix: Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology 867

Author Index 881

Subject Index 905