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The Money Formula: Dodgy Finance, Pseudo Science, and How Mathematicians Took Over the Markets


CAD $41.95

The Money Formula: Dodgy Finance, Pseudo Science, and How Mathematicians Took Over the Markets

Paul Wilmott, David Orrell

ISBN: 978-1-119-35861-9 June 2017 264 Pages



"This book has humor, attitude, clarity, science and common sense; it pulls no punches and takes no prisoners."
—Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Scholar and former trader

"There are lots of people who'd prefer you didn't read this book: financial advisors, pension fund managers, regulators and more than a few politicians. That's because it makes plain their complicity in a trillion dollar scam that nearly destroyed the global financial system. Insiders Wilmott and Orrell explain how it was done, how to stop it happening again – and why those with the power to act are so reluctant to wield it."
—Robert Matthews, Author of Chancing It: The Laws of Chance and How They Can Work for You

"Few contemporary developments are more important – and more terrifying – than the increasing power of the financial system in the global economy. This book makes it clear that this system is operated either by people who don't know what they are doing or who are so greed-stricken that they don't care. Risk is at dangerous levels. Can this be fixed? It can and this book – full of healthy skepticism and high expertise – shows how."
—Bryan Appleyard, Author and Sunday Times writer

"In a financial world that relies more and more on models that fewer and fewer people understand, this is an essential, deeply insightful as well as entertaining read."
—Joris Luyendijk, Author of Swimming with Sharks: My Journey into the World of the Bankers

"A fresh and lively explanation of modern quantitative finance, its perils and what we might do to protect against a repeat of disasters like 2008-09. This insightful, important and original critique of the financial system is also fun to read."
—Edward O. Thorp, Author of A Man for All Markets and New York Times bestseller Beat the Dealer


Acknowledgements ix

About the Authors xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Early Models 1

Chapter 2 Going Random 15

Chapter 3 Risk Management 35

Chapter 4 Market Makers 61

Chapter 5 Deriving Derivatives 83

Chapter 6 What Quants Do 109

Chapter 7 The Rewrite 135

Chapter 8 No Laws, Only Toys 149

Chapter 9 How to Abuse the System 169

Chapter 10 Systemic Threat 189

Epilogue: Keep it Simple 207

Bibliography 227

Index 237


"Anyone interested in investment theory (and that should be everyone working in financial services) would find it worth reading."  (International Investment, June 2017)

"Irrevent and fun, it is at the same time very rigorous in explaining how soem fairly basic mathematics has hijacked the world of finance."  (Marketing Moving, June 2017)

“a great description of what has happened, a thorough explanation of what is currently going on, and a solid argument for what should be done in the future.” (Significance, April 2018)