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The Real Retirement: Why You Could Be Better Off Than You Think, and How to Make That Happen


CAD $24.95

The Real Retirement: Why You Could Be Better Off Than You Think, and How to Make That Happen

Fred Vettese, Bill Morneau

ISBN: 978-1-118-49864-4 February 2013 288 Pages


Praise for The Real Retirement

"An important contribution and sound analysis. Of fundamental importance to all Canadians, but most importantly for the growing numbers contemplating their retirement and the uncertainty of their financial well-being – they're richer than they think!"
– Rick Waugh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scotiabank

"Fred Vettese and Bill Morneau are experts in the field of retirement, who express some very thoughtful views and advice, based on extensive research and analysis, in a friendly, easily- readable manner. While my personal view is that it is better to save more than less because of uncertainty, and because the consequences of 'running out' are so severe, Bill and Fred offer a calm voice of reason and hope for those who start early with a disciplined program of saving/investing for retirement. A voice of reason in a noisy subject area."
– Donald Guloien, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Financial

"Hold the doom and gloom. This book realistically catalogues all the challenges to saving for retirement and yet ends up leaving you feeling encouraged."
– Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Columnist, The Globe and Mail

"At last, there's good news for retirement savers. You don't need to replace 70 per cent of your pre-retirement income, as the financial services industry tells you. The authors take a close look at the numbers, add a large helping of realism and conclude that the true retirement income target is closer to 50 per cent."
– Ellen Roseman, Personal Finance Columnist, Toronto Star, and University of Toronto Instructor, Continuing Education

In the face of dwindling pension benefits and an aging workforce, there is a widespread perception that Canadians are heading toward a retirement crisis. The Real Retirement explains that these fears are overblown as most of us have overestimated how much we need to save for retirement. The good news is that if Canadians take the time to plan properly, most will be just fine, and many may actually be better off in retirement than they were during their working lives. Written by the Executive Chairman and the Chief Actuary of Morneau Shepell—Canada's leading retirement consulting and administration firm—The Real Retirement reveals the forces at play, explains how to set realistic retirement goals, and offers concrete ways to achieve a comfortable retirement.

Chapter 1: Crisis? What Crisis? 1

Chapter 2: Understanding the Foundation—Pensions 13

Chapter 3: Understanding the Foundation—Health Care 31

Chapter 4: Our Best Days Are Behind Us 43

Chapter 5: When Can We Retire? 55

Chapter 6: How Workers Will Respond 65

Chapter 7: Deciding When to Retire 75

Chapter 8: The Three Phases of Retirement 85

Chapter 9: We Are Better Prepared than We Thought 93

Chapter 10: Your Retirement Income Target—Why You

Don’t Need 70 Per Cent 103

Chapter 11: The Neutral Retirement Income Target 115

Chapter 12: Arriving at Your Own Retirement Income Target 127

Chapter 13: Investment Basics 135

Chapter 14: Managing Your Portfolio 153

Chapter 15: Your Expected Return 165

Chapter 16: Choosing Your Savings Vehicle 173

Chapter 17: Should You Buy an Annuity? 185

Chapter 18: When You Can No Longer Cope on Your Own 193

Chapter 19: Tackling the Big Unknowns 201

Chapter 20: Ending on an Optimistic Note 211

Appendix A: Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 Benefi ts 219

Appendix B: Income by Source 223

Appendix C: NRIT Charts 225

Appendix D: A Guide to Retirement Programs in Canada 231

Glossary 241

Endnotes 253

Acknowledgements 257

About the Authors 259

Index 261