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The Wisdom Way of Knowing: Reclaiming An Ancient Tradition to Awaken the Heart


CAD $27.95

The Wisdom Way of Knowing: Reclaiming An Ancient Tradition to Awaken the Heart

Cynthia Bourgeault

ISBN: 978-0-787-96896-0 October 2003 Jossey-Bass 176 Pages


"Drawing on resources as diverse as Sufism, Benedictine Monasticism, the Gurdjieff Work, and the string theory of modern physics, Cynthia Bourgeault has crafted her own unique vision of the Wisdom way in this very accessible book, nicely balanced between concept and practice."
Gerald May, senior fellow, Shalem Institute, and author, Addiction and Grace and Will and Spirit

"The spiritual wisdom and practical suggestions in this lively and beautiful book will be helpful to many who find themselves setting out on the interior journey."
Bruno Barnhart, a Camaldolese monk and author, Second Simplicity: The Inner Shape of Christianity

"Cynthia Bourgeault's book is a valuable contribution to the much-needed reawakening of spiritual practice within a Christian context. Her sincerity, good sense, metaphysical depth, and broad experience make her a source to be trusted."
Kabir Helminski, Sufi Shaikh, the Threshold Society

Foreword (Thomas Moore).



I. The Wisdom Way of Knowing.

II. How the Christian West Lost Its Wisdom.

III. Three-Centered Knowing.

IV. Wisdom and Human Purpose.

V. Transformation: The Human Alchemy.

VI. Freedom and Surrender: The Anthropology of Wisdom.

VII. Seeing with the Eye of the Heart.

VIII. The Tools of Wisdom.

Epilogue: How Aspen Found Its Voice.


Practical Resources for Awakening the Heart.

A Selected Reading List.

The Author. Index. 

"a bold and visionary work." (Spirituality & Health, May/June, 2004)