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Traumatic Relationships and Serious Mental Disorders


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Traumatic Relationships and Serious Mental Disorders

Jon G. Allen

ISBN: 978-0-471-48554-4 June 2001 486 Pages


Mental, physical, or sexual abuse in close personal relationships commonly results in trauma that is very different from the trauma of accidents, illness, or war. Making creative use of attachment theory to explicate the multifaceted outcomes of trauma, this book provides a powerful conceptual framework and a concise, masterly review of a huge knowledge base. Encyclopedic in scope and scholarly in its up-to-the-minute survey of research findings.
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About the Author.

Foreword--Peter Fonagy.



A Developmental Approach to Trauma.

Trauma in Attachment Relationships.

Attachment, Relationships, and Reenactment.

The Traumatized Self.


PTSD and Traumatic Memories.

Trauma as Chronic Physical Illness.

Dissociative Detachment and Compartmentalization.

Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, and Self-Harm.

Post-Traumatic Depression.

Post-Traumatic Personality Disorders.


Containing Trauma.

Narrating Trauma.

Psychoeducational Approaches.

Therapists At Risk.


well-researched and insightful book..overwhelmed by the powerful conceptual framework...comprehensive and concise review of a huge knowledge base contained in this book" ( 21.8.2001)

"Allen should receive particular praise...some very interesting material" (Mental Health Today, October 2001)

"...clear structure, being well written, and adopting the simple but effective use of subheadings and italics for emphasis...this excellent book is not only worth buying but also worth reading..." (British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 10 December 2001)

"...This book is well written and easy to use...." (Addiction Today, January 2002)

"His approach to diagnostics, treatment and management is extremely well organized for any seeking clinician." (Metapsychology Reviews Online, July 2002)

"This is an interesting book which raises some important issues…" (European Eating Disorders Review, March/April 2003)