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Due Consideration: Controversy in the Age of Medical Miracles




Due Consideration: Controversy in the Age of Medical Miracles

Arthur L. Caplan

ISBN: 978-0-471-18344-0 November 1997 296 Pages


If scientists can successfully clone sheep, will humans be next? Today's headlines read like a science fiction novel! Due Consideration takes a poignant look at the rapidly changing field of biomedicine and the consequences it will have on our lives. Arthur Caplan, one of this nation's leading bioethicists, explores these issues and analyzes moral questions including:
* Will we retain our essential humanity if we modify our biological blueprint?
* Would it be irresponsible to procreate without a thorough genetic examination?
* Who will decide if physical traits like short stature and baldness are considered diseases?
* Can biomedicine make our lives better?
You'll also learn about the most current and controversial topics such as:
* Cloning, abortion and assisted suicide.
* Genetically engineering a human to be immune from infectious diseases.
* The ability to "design" our children from head to toe.
* Diagnosing and treating illnesses during fetal development.
* Programs to prevent the transmission of HIV.
No other book on the market today combines this analytic clarity with the latest from medical journals and media headlines. Now, you can decide for yourself what the future ought to hold in store.
Abortion and Birth Control.


Technological Reproduction.

The Ethics of Research.

New Treatment/New Challenges.

Rationing Cost.

Managed Care.

Starting and Stopping Care.

Assisted Suicide.

Aids and Other Plagues.

Smoking and Other Bad Habits.