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Kuroshio Current: Physical, Biogeochemical, and Ecosystem Dynamics

Takeyoshi Nagai, Hiroaki Saito, Koji Suzuki, Motomitsu Takahashi

Mathematical Geoenergy: Discovery, Depletion, and Renewal

Paul Pukite, Dennis Coyne, Daniel Challou

Geological Carbon Storage: Subsurface Seals and Caprock Integrity

Stéphanie Vialle, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, J. William Carey

Chemostratigraphy Across Major Chronological Boundaries

Alcides N. Sial, Claudio Gaucher, Muthuvairavasamy Ramkumar, Valderez Pinto Ferreira

Lithospheric Discontinuities

Huaiyu Yuan, Barbara Romanowicz

Global Flood Hazard: Applications in Modeling, Mapping, and Forecasting

Guy J-P. Schumann, Paul D. Bates, Heiko Apel, Giuseppe T. Aronica

Pre-Earthquake Processes: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Earthquake Prediction Studies

Dimitar Ouzounov, Sergey Pulinets, Katsumi Hattori, Patrick Taylor

Quantifying Uncertainty in Subsurface Systems

Céline Scheidt, Lewis Li, Professor Jef Caers
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  • of 20 Pages
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