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Industrial Microbiology

David B Wilson, Hermann Sahm, K. Peter Stahmann

ISBN: 978-3-527-69732-8 October 2019 416 Pages


Focusing on current and future uses of microbes as production organisms, this practice-oriented textbook complements traditional texts on microbiology and biotechnology.
The editors have brought together leading researchers and professionals from the entire field of industrial microbiology and together they adopt a modern approach to a well-known subject. Following a brief introduction to the technology of microbial processes, the twelve most important application areas for microbial technology are described, from crude bulk chemicals to such highly refined biomolecules as enzymes and antibodies, to the use of microbes in the leaching of minerals and for the treatment of municipal and industrial waste. In line with their application-oriented topic, the authors focus on the "translation" of basic research into industrial processes and cite numerous successful examples. The result is a first-hand account of the state of the industry and the future potential for microbes in industrial processes.
Interested students of biotechnology, bioengineering, microbiology and related disciplines will find this a highly useful and much consulted companion, while instructors can use the case studies and examples to add value to their teaching.
1 Historical Overview
2 Biochemical Engineering
3 Food
4 Technical Alcohols and Ketones
5 Organic Acids
6 Amino Acids
7 Vitamins, Nucleotides, Carotenoids
8 Antibiotics
9 Protein Biopharmaceuticals
10 Enzymes
11 Polysaccharides
12 Steroids and Flavorings
13 Bioleaching
14 Wastewater Treatment