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Laundry Detergents

Eduard Smulders

ISBN: 978-3-527-30520-9 March 2002 288 Pages



This monograph provides a comprehensive survey of the parameters involved in textile washing, in particular the action of detergents. The authors describe the physical and chemical principles of the washing process, as well as the composition, production and action of household and industrial detergents. Furthermore, products and processes in use not only in Europe but also in Japan and the USA are surveyed. A special chapter is devoted to modern methods of detergent analysis.
Throughout the book particular emphasis is laid on ecological and toxicological aspects. A discussion of the economic importance of detergents and relevant information about textile types and washing machines complete the book. This publication is not only intended for specialists in industry and academia, it will also give environmental consultants, journalists and other interested readers insight into the complex field of laundry detergents.
Historical Review
Physical Chemistry of the Washing Process
Influence of the Water
Types of Soil
The Soil Removal Process
Further Processes
Concluding Remarks
Detergent Ingredients
Further Detergents Ingredients
Household Laundry Products
Heavy Duty Detergents
Specialty Detergents
Laundry Aids
Industrial and Institutional Detergents
Production of Powder Detergents
Technology Overview
Description of Manufacturing Processes
Densification Processes
Raw Materials
Analysis of the Composition
Detergent Ingredients
Detergent Analysis
Sample Preparation
Analytical Methods
Sources of Information
Test Methods for Laundry Detergents
Laboratory Methods
Practical Evaluation
Consumer Tests
Economic Aspects
Detergent Components
Fabric Softeners
Laundry, Waste Water and the Environment
Contribution of Laundry to the Sewage Load
Detergent Laws
General Criteria for the Ecological Evaluation of Detergent Chemicals
Ecological Characterization of Main Detergent Ingredients
Detergent Ingredients
Finished Detergents
Washing Machines
Household Washing Machines
Laundry Dryers
Washing Machines for Institutional Use
"...readers from all areas of chemistry will be rewarded by a perusal of this book..." Chemistry in Britain

"...readers from all areas of chemistry will be rewarded by a perusal of this book, a fact that is testimony both to the complexities of the area and to the comprehensive and articulate approach taken by the author." Chemistry in Britain

"... the work will certainly act as an excellent source-book for charts, graphs and (importantly) chemical structures." Chemistry in Britain

"...deserves a place in all technical libraries and reading it will provide all chemists with a healthy respect for the complexitis behind such ostensibly mundane consumer products." Chemistry in Britain