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Microcirculation Imaging

Martin J. Leahy (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-65121-4 May 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 411 Pages


Adopting a multidisciplinary approach with input from physicists, researchers and medical professionals, this is the first book to introduce many different technical approaches for the visualization of microcirculation, including laser Doppler and laser speckle, optical coherence tomography and photo-acoustic tomography. It covers everything from basic research to medical applications, providing the technical details while also outlining the respective strengths and weaknesses of each imaging technique.
Edited by an international team of top experts, this is the ultimate handbook for every clinician and researcher relying on microcirculation imaging.
Clinical Need and Historical Perspective (Terence Ryan and Martin J. Leahy)
Sidestream Dark-Field (SDF) Video Microscopy for Clinical Imaging of the Microcirculation (Dan M.J. Milstein, Rick Bezemer, and Can Ince)
Clinical Applications of SDF Videomicroscopy (Daniel De Backer and Jean-Louis Vincent)
Laser Doppler flowmetry (Ingemar Fredriksson, Marcus Larsson, and Tomas Strömberg)
Towards Assessment of Speed distribution of Red Blood Cells in Microcirculation (Adam Liebert, Stanislaw Wojtkiewicz, and Roman Maniewski)
Fast Full-field laser Doppler perfusion imaging (Wiendelt Steenbergen)
Speckle Effects in Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging (Wiendelt Steenbergen)
Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis (LASCA) for Measuring Blood Flow (David Briers, Paul M. McNamara, Marie Louise O'Connell, and Martin J. Leahy)
Tissue Viability Imaging (Jim O'Doherty, Martin J. Leahy, and Gert E. Nilsson)
Optical Microangiography: Theory and Application (Ruikang K. Wang and Hrebesh M. Subhash)
Photoacoustic Tomography of Microcirculation (Song Hu and Lihong V. Wang)
Fluorescence and OCT Imaging of Microcirculation in Early Mammalian Embryos (Irina V. Larina, Mary E. Dickinson, and Kirill V. Larin)
High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging (F. Stuart Foster)
Studying Microcirculation with Micro-CT (Timothy L. Kline and Erik L. Ritman)
Imaging blood circulation using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Christian M. Kerskens)