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Simulation and Computational Red Teaming for Problem Solving




Simulation and Computational Red Teaming for Problem Solving

Hussein A Abbass, Jiangjun Tang, George Leu

ISBN: 978-1-119-52717-6 November 2019 Wiley-IEEE Press 528 Pages


This book is a view on simulation in which the authors bring the understanding of computer simulation back to a form suitable for multi-disciplinary understanding of the topic. In order to describe this view, the authors adopt a didactic approach in which the theoretical foundations of simulation are presented from an applied analyst perspective. First, through the discussion of the fundamentals and modelling paradigms, the book establishes clearly the necessary background knowledge for building consistent and useful simulations. Then, a discussion on several advanced topics shows how modern artificial intelligence and computational intelligence concepts and techniques can be employed in conjunction with various simulation paradigms for solving models of complex and critical real-world problems. Further, the concept of Computational Red Teaming is used for showing in practice how the combined fundamentals and advanced techniques are actually employed with proven success for solving and testing complex real-world problems.