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Laboratory Manual for Physical Geography, 2nd Edition

Alan H. Strahler, Mark Potosnak

ISBN: 978-1-118-09054-1 June 2018 360 Pages


This student-friendly, interactive lab manual presents activities and experiments that enhance students’ ability to both visualize and understand physical geographic topics. In a clear and concise tone, the manual requires students to first apply information they learned and then to critically evaluate the information.

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Introduction Chapter 1 Maps in the Digital Age. Chapter 2 Earth-Sun System. Chapter 3 Water in the Atmosphere. Chapter 4 Fronts, storms and Weather Maps. Chapter 5 Global Climates. Chapter 6 Vegetation and soils. Chapter 7 Minerals, the Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics. Chapter 8 Volcanoes, Faults and Mountains. Chapter 9 Weathering and Rivers. Chapter 10 Deserts, Coasts and Glacial Landscapes.

The fully-updated 2nd edition includes new artwork and images as well as 14 new exercises on the following topics:  

·               Global Positioning System

·               Maps in the Digital Age

·               Satellite Images

·               Earth's Energy Balance

·               The Greenhouse Effect

·               Global Warming

·               Latent Heating

·               Predicting Weather With Models

·               Digital Forecasts

·               Regional climate Change

·               Agricultural productivity

·               Water resources and agriculture

·               Pacific ring of fire from satellite

·               Rotation of the Earth's inner core

  • Minimal text.  The author keeps descriptive text at a minimum, giving students more time to perform experiments, answer questions and write up lab reports.
  • Self-contained Lab Units.  All pedagogical features are complete for each Unit, including Lab Reports. This helps students focus on the topics learned in that lab.