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Medaka: Biology, Management, and Experimental Protocols

Medaka: Biology, Management, and Experimental Protocols

Masato Kinoshita (Editor), Kenji Murata (Editor), Kiyoshi Naruse (Editor), Minoru Tanaka (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-813-81884-9 April 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 444 Pages



As a species rich in biological data and relatively easy to raise and manage, Medaka is becoming an increasingly popular model organism for biological research. Long-used in Japan for its resilience and cost-effectiveness, this valuable species continues to be adopted globally for experimental purposes ranging from ecology to cancer research. Medaka: Biology, Management, and Experimental Protocols covers all aspects of Medaka in the laboratory setting ranging from development of colonies to experimental methods in one definitive text.

Medaka: Biology, Management, and Experimental Protocols uses opening chapters on basic biology and reproduction as a foundation for subsequent chapters discussing the latest in cutting edge research. The text approaches topics such as breeding, morphology, toxicology, and experimental design with practical information and well-illustrated examples from a variety of contexts. A DVD accompanies the full-color text with useful charts and tables, additional images, and video clips from the laboratory setting.

A must-have title for fish biologists and research personnel, Medaka: Biology, Management, and Experimental Protocols is an invaluable reference to scientistsjust beginning to adopt the species as well as established labs.

Key Features:

  • comprehensive reference on a model fish species of growing importance
  • written and reviewed by leading Medaka researchers
  • well-illustrated with full color images DVD with additional illustrations and video demonstrations of research protocol

Contributors xvii

Preface xxi

1 History and Features of Medaka 1

2 Medaka Management 31

3 Reproduction of Medaka 67

4 Strain Preservation and Related Techniques 101

5 Looking at Adult Medaka 117

6 Looking at Medaka Embryos 165

7 Transgenesis 277

8 Toxicology 297

9 Bioinformatics 319

10 Advanced Techniques 345

Appendix 1 Guidelines on Using Medaka in Experiments 389

Appendix 2 Internet Websites Related to Medaka Research 391

Appendix 3 Solutions 397

Appendix 4 Inbred Strains, Closed Colonies, and Mutant Strains 399

Appendix 5 Index of Abbreviation 403

Attributions 407

Index 411