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Practical Enzymology, 3rd Edition

Hans Bisswanger

ISBN: 978-3-527-34604-2 August 2019 416 Pages


A practice-oriented guide to assaying more than 100 of the most important enzymes, complete with the theoretical background and specific protocols for immediate use in the biochemical laboratory. Now expanded with a new section on metal ion determination.
General Aspects of Enzyme Analysis
Introduction to Enzyme Assays
Assays for Oxidoreductases (EC 1)
Assays for Transferases (EC 2)
Assays for Hydrolases (EC 3)
Assays for Lyases (EC 4)
Assays for Isomerases (EC 5)
Assays for Ligases (Synthetases) (EC 6)
Assays for Multienzyme Complexes
Assays for other Enzyme Relevant Parameters
Treatment of Enzyme Preparations
Enzyme Immunoassays
Binding Measurements
Enzymes in Practical Applications