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Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine, 2nd Edition


Using a problem-based approach, Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine, Second Edition presents interesting cases to illustrate the current use and interpretation of the most commonly available clinical laboratory tests. The cases present detailed descriptions of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. The book begins with an up-to-date general discussion of selection and use of laboratory diagnostic and prognostic tests. Cases are then grouped by category, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal, liver, gastrointestinal, endocrine, gynaecologic & obstetrical, haematological, CNS, lipid, congenital, toxicological, infectious, and autoimmune diseases.

Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine, Second Edition:

  • Presents over 100 cases organised by disease group
  • Reflects latest treatment and risk factor guidelines, testing algorithms and recommendations
  • Newly covers coagulopathies, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases
  • Provides excellent coverage of relevant pathophysiology and biochemistry, and includes cases in molecular diagnostics
  • Discusses legal implications

This book is an invaluable resource for all clinical chemists, clinical lab technologists, pathologists, and allied health professionals. It is also of interest for general practitioners, residents, medical students, and educators.



Part One: Cardiac Disease.

Case 1. A 45-Year-Old Man with Substantial Chest Pain (Fred S. Apple).

Case 2. A 48-Year-Old Cocaine User with Chest Pain (Fred S. Apple and Ramona Evans).

Part Two: Pulmonary Diseases.

Case 3. Shortness of Breath with Productive Cough (Nausherwan K. Burki).

Case 4. Genotype–Phenotype Correlations in Cystic Fibrosis (Latisha Love-Gregory, Barbara Zehnbauer, and Dennis Dietzen).

Part Three: Renal Disease.

Case 5. Man with Hypertension and Fever (C. Darrell Jennings).

Case 6. Oliguria with Metabolic Acidosis after Renal Transplantation (C. Darrell Jennings).

Case 7. A Woman with Uremia, Pulmonary Infiltration, and Hemoptysis (C. Darrell Jennings).

Case 8. Young Man with Edema and Decreased Urine Output (H. William Schnaper).

Case 9. A New Doctor for a Man with Diabetes and Hypertension (Michael E. Hull).

Case 10. A Pain in the Back (Kevin J. Martin and Esther A. González).

Case 11. Refractory Hyponatremia with Lung Cancer (Manish J. Gandhi).

Part Four: Liver Diseases.

Case 12. Adolescent Female with Tremor, Depression, and Hepatitis (Steven I. Shedlofsky).

Case 13. Adult Male with New-Onset Ascites (Steven I. Shedlofsky).

Case 14. An Unexpected Finding . . . (Nathan C. Walk).

Case 15. I Did It Just Once—A 37-Year-Old Man with Hepatitis C (Alvaro Koch and Luis R. Peña).

Case 16. Obese Woman with Persistently Abnormal Liver Enzymes (Iliana Bouneva).

Part Five: Thyroid Diseases.

Case 17. The Irritable Wife (William E. Winter).

Case 18. The Fatigued Attorney (Kenneth B. Ain).

Case 19. The Reluctant Chef (Kenneth B. Ain).

Part Six: Adrenocortical Diseases.

Case 20. Child with Rapid Growth and Precocious Sexual Maturation (Phyllis W. Speiser).

Case 21. Weight Gain, Infertility, and Hypertension (William E. Winter).

Case 22. The Tired Teenager (William E. Winter).

Case 23. The Hypertensive Accountant (Michael Stowasser and Richard D. Gordon).

Case 24. Don’t “Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in the Morning” (Jacqueline E. Payton).

Case 25. Unpleasant Spells (Les G. K. Q. Burke and Ravinder J. Singh).

Part Seven: Diabetes.

Case 26. Recent Weight Loss and Polyuria in a 52-Year-Old Man (Anders H. Berg and David B. Sacks).

Case 27. An Unconscious Diabetic Male (Anders H. Berg and David B. Sacks).

Case 28. A Diabetic Woman’s “Episode” (Anders H. Berg and David B. Sacks).

Part Eight: Calcium and Parathyroid Hormone (PTH).

Case 29. Bad to the Bone (Chelsea A. Sheppard and Corinne R. Fantz).

Case 30. A Middle-Aged Woman with Colle’s Fracture (Catherine A. Hammett-Stabler).

Case 31. A 10-Year-Old Boy with Pain-Induced Seizures (Lorin M. Henrich, Alan D. Rogol, and David E. Bruns).

Part Nine: Miscellaneous Endocrine Diseases.

Case 32. Laboratory Tests Ignored (Oren Zinder).

Case 33. Hot Flashes and Abdominal Pain (Jennifer Snyder).

Part Ten: Genetically Inherited Disorders.

Case 34. Feed a Cold (Dennis Dietzen).

Case 35. Acute Neonatal Ammonia Intoxication (Dennis Dietzen).

Case 36. Not Just a Picky Eater (Douglas F. Stickle and Richard E. Lutz).

Case 37. The “Fussy” Neonate (Patricia M. Jones and Dinesh Rakheja).

Case 38. The “Sleepy” Neonate (Dinesh Rakheja and Patricia M. Jones).

Case 39. A Happy but Developmentally Delayed 5-Year-Old Boy (Alison E. Presley and David E. Bruns).

Case 40. The Asymptomatic Iron Man (Elise Krejci).

Part Eleven: Infectious Diseases.

Case 41. Tired, Hot, and Lumpy (J. Stacey Klutts).

Case 42. A Rash on the Soles of the Feet (Robyn M. Atkinson).

Case 43. When Life Gives You Lemons (Robert S. Liao).

Case 44. The Wheezing Woodsman (Paula Revell).

Case 45. Not Just Heartburn (Ariel Goldschmidt).

Case 46. The Dangers of Yardwork (Nathan A. Ledeboer).

Part Twelve: Nonhematologic Malignancies.

Case 47. An Important Finding on Routine Screening (Joan K. Riley).

Case 48. Increasing Abdominal Girth (Nicholas P. Taylor and Randall K. Gibb).

Case 49. To Screen or Not to Screen? (Da-elene van der Merwe and Eleftherios P. Diamandis).

Case 50. A Male with Confusing hCG Results (Kingshuk Das).

Case 51. Size Greater than Dates (Randall K. Gibb and Nicholas P. Taylor).

Part Thirteen: Hematologic Malignancies.

Case 52. A Man with Anemia and Lymphocytosis (Sylva Bem, Robert E. Hutchison, and Naif Z. Abraham, Jr.).

Case 53. A Teenager with Pneumonia, Leukopenia, and Ecchymoses (Anna Hallsdordottir).

Case 54. A Middle-Aged Man with Chronic Foot Ulcer (Brian Watson).

Case 55. A Man with Progressive Effort Intolerance and Splenomegaly (Mrinal M. Patnaik and Ayalew Tefferi).

Case 56. A Man with Splenic Vein Thrombosis and Polycythemia (Karen Austin).

Part Fourteen: Benign Hematologic Disorders.

Case 57. A Child with Pneumonia (John A. Koepke).

Case 58. A Man with a Tender Toe and Anemia (John Koepke).

Case 59. A Woman with Fatigue and Pallor (Naif Z. Abraham, Jr. and Robert E. Hutchison).

Case 60. Pulseless Leg 9 Days after a Myocardial Infarction (Majed Refaai).

Case 61. Young Girl with a Bloody Knee Effusion (Danielle Stueber).

Case 62. A Young Man with Chest Pain Following a Knee Injury (Ganesh C. Kudva).

Case 63. A Young Woman with Postpartum Cerebral Venous Thrombosis and Abnormal Coagulation Tests (Hans-Joachim Reimers).

Case 64. A Baby with Petechiae and Bruises (Lori Luchtman-Jones).

Case 65. Evaluation of a Reference Range Outlier (Charles Eby).

Case 66. A Woman with Abdominal Pain and Thrombocytopenia (Ji Lu).

Case 67. Sudden Jaundice and Painful Fingers (Arnel Urbiztondo).

Case 68. The Good in “Bad” Fish Tacos (Kimberley G. Crone).

Case 69. The Jaundiced Mother (Nathan Walk).

Part Fifteen: Porphyrias.

Case 70. Young Woman with Recurrent Abdominal Pain (Steven I. Shedlofsky).

Case 71. A 9-Year-Old Boy with Skin Lesions and Headaches (David Bruns and Audrey K. Bennett).

Part Sixteen: Pharmacogenomics.

Case 72. Personalized Medicine for a Renal Transplant Patient (Paul J. Jannetto).

Case 73. Personalized Medicine for Pain Management (Paul J. Jannetto and Nancy C. Bratanow).

Case 74. A Man with Colitis and Pancytopenia (Alison Woodworth).

Case 75. A 46-Year-Old Female with a Painful, Swollen Right Calf (Syamal Bhattacharya, Bradley D. Freeman, and Barbara A. Zehnbauer).

Part Seventeen: Toxicology.

Case 76. A Case of Mixed Club Drugs Abuse (Susan B. Gock, Run-Zhang Shi, Jeffery M. Jentzen, and Steven H. Wong).

Case 77. A 43-Year-Old Male with Chronic Pain (Run-Zhang Shi, Susan B. Gock, Jeffrey M. Jentzen, and Steven H. Wong).

Case 78. Metabolic Acidosis of Unknown Origin Among Burn Patients (Deborah Chute and David Bruns).

Part Eighteen: Lipid Disorders.

Case 79. The Family Reunion Party (Veronica Luzzi).

Case 80. A 5-Year-Old Boy with Yellow-Orange Tonsils: Hypoalphalipoproteinemia (Raffick A. R. Bowen and Alan T. Remaley).

Case 81. Worsening Diarrhea in a 5-Year-Old Girl (Masako Udewa and Alan T. Remaley).

Case 82. A 4-Year-Old Girl with Yellow Xanthomas and Arthritis (Robert D. Shamburek and Alan T. Remaley).

Part Nineteen: Autoimmune Diseases.

Case 83. Woman with Morning Stiffness and Tender, Swollen Joints (Liron Caplan and Sterling G. West).

Case 84. Woman with a Rash and Lower Extremity Pain (Liron Caplan and Sterling G. West).

Case 85. Woman with Diarrhea and Anemia (Nikola Baumann).

Part Twenty: Analytical Errors.

Case 86. Where’s My Baby? (Jennifer A. Egan and David G. Grenache).

Case 87. Elevated Concentrations, but Not Elevated Enough (Ann M. Gronowski).

Case 88. I Want To Go Home! (Mitchell G. Scott).

Case 89. Is That Really the Calcium Value? (Mitchell G. Scott).

Part Twenty-One: Miscellaneous.

Case 90. A Man with Fever and Acute Polyarthritis (William Eugene Davis).

Case 91. Middle-Aged Alcoholic with Jaundice and Ascites (Luis R. Peña and Alvaro Koch).

Case 92. Where Did the Red Cells Go? (Arnel Urbiztondo).


Offers over 50 completely new cases showing use of state-of-the-art laboratory tests
  • Presents over 100 cases organized by disease group
  • Offers over 50 completely new cases showing use of state-of-the-art laboratory tests
  • Reflects latest treatment and risk factor guidelines, testing algorithms and recommendations
  • Now covers coagulopathies, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases
  • Includes cases in molecular diagnostics
  • Cases are logically grouped by disease category
  • Maintains problem-based approach that made the first edition so unique
  • Provides excellent coverage of relevant pathophysiology and biochemistry
  • Discusses legal implications