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Vibrations in Rotating Machinery




Vibrations in Rotating Machinery

IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)

ISBN: 978-1-860-58447-3 August 2004 768 Pages


This essential text contains the papers from the 8th international IMechE conference on Vibrations in Rotating Machinery held at the University of Wales, Swansea in September 2004.

The themes of the volume are new developments and industrial applications of current technology relevant to the vibration and noise of rotating machines and assemblies.


  • Rotor balancing – including active and automatic balancing
  • Special rotating machines – including micromachines
  • Oil film bearings and dampers
  • Active control methods for rotating machines
  • Smart machine technology
  • Dynamics of assembled rotors
  • Component life predictions and life extension strategies
  • The dynamics of geared systems
  • Cracked rotors – detection, location ad prognosis
  • Chaotic behaviour in machines
  • Experimental methods and discoveries.