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Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Theology, 2nd Edition




Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Theology, 2nd Edition

William T. Cavanaugh (Editor), Peter Manley Scott (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-13374-2 December 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 664 Pages

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Offers a comprehensive survey and interpretation of contemporary Christian political theology in a newly revised and expanded edition

This book presents the latest thinking on the topic of contemporary Christian political theology, with original and constructive essays that represent a range of opinions on various topics. With contributions from expert scholars in the field, it reflects a broad range of methodologies, ecclesial traditions, and geographic and social locations, and provides a sense of the diversity of political theologies. It also addresses the primary resources of the Christian tradition, which theologians draw on when constructing political theologies, and surveys some of the most important figures and movements in political theology. This revised and expanded edition provides the most comprehensive and accessible introduction to this lively and growing area of Christian theology.

Organized into five sections, Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Theology, Second Edition addresses the many changes that have occurred over the last 15 years within the field of political theology. It features new essays that address social developments and movements, such as Anglican Social Thought, John Milbank, Anabaptist Political Theologies, African Political Theologies, Postcolonialism, Political Economy, Technology and Virtuality, and Grass-roots Movements. The book also includes a new essay on the reception of Liberation Theology.

  • Offers essays on topics such as the Trinity, atonement, and eschatology
  • Features contributions from leading voices in the field of political theology
  • Includes all-new entries covering fresh developments and movements like the urgency of climate change, virtuality and the digital age, the economic crisis of 2008, the discourse of religion and violence, and new modalities of war
  • Addresses some important social movements from a theological point of view including postmodernism, grass-roots movements, and more
  • Provides both Islamic and Jewish responses to political theology

Written for academics and students of political theology, Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Theology, 2nd Edition is an enlightening read that offers a wide range of authoritative essays from some of the most notable scholars in the field.

Notes on Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction to the Second Edition 1
William T. Cavanaugh and Peter Manley Scott

I. Historical Resources: Scripture, Traditions, Liturgy 13

1 Scripture: Old Testament 15
Walter Brueggemann

2 Scripture: New Testament 28
Christopher Rowland

3 Augustine 41
Jean Bethke Elshtain

4 Aquinas 54
Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt

5 The Reformation 67
Andrew Bradstock

6 Liturgy 80
Bernd Wannenwetsch

II. Contemporary Political Theologies: Survey 95

7 Eastern Orthodox Thought 97
Pantelis Kalaitzidis

8 Carl Schmitt 111
Michael Hollerich

9 Karl Barth 125
Haddon Willmer

10 Dietrich Bonhoeffer 137
Stanley Hauerwas

11 John Courtney Murray 151
Michael J. Baxter

12 Anglican Political Theology 164
Luke Bretherton

13 Reinhold Niebuhr 178
William Werpehowski

14 Feminist Theology, Southern 192
Kwok Pui‐lan

15 Feminist Theology, Northern 207
Elaine Graham

16 Jürgen Moltmann 222
Nicholas Adams

17 Johann Baptist Metz 236
J. Matthew Ashley

18 Political Theologies in Asia 250
Aloysius Pieris

19 Black Political Theologies 264
M. Shawn Copeland

20 Liberation Theology 1: Gustavo Gutiérrez 280
Roberto S. Goizueta

21 Liberation Theology 2: Developments and Reception 293
Mario I. Aguilar

22 Stanley Hauerwas 306
R. R. Reno

23 John Milbank 320
Gavin Hyman

24 Anabaptist Political Theologies 333
Elizabeth Phillips

25 Political Theologies of Africa 346
Emmanuel Katongole

III. Constructive Political Theology 361

26 Trinity 363
Kathryn Tanner

27 Creation 376
Peter Manley Scott

28 Christology 389
Raymund Schwager with Wolfgang Palaver

29 Atonement 403
Timothy J. Gorringe

30 Spirit 416
Mark Lewis Taylor

31 Church 431
William T. Cavanaugh

32 Eschatology 444
Robert W. Jenson

IV. Structures and Movements 457

33 State and Civil Society 459
Daniel M. Bell, Jr

34 Democracy 473
John W. de Gruchy

35 Critical Theory 487
Marsha Aileen Hewitt

36 Postmodernism 502
Catherine Pickstock

37 Postcolonialism 516
Agnes M. Brazal

38 Political Economy 531
Michael S. Northcott

39 Technology and Information 544
Michael S. Burdett

40 Grassroots Social Movements 558
Joerg Rieger

41 Postsecular Political Theology 572
Marcus Pound

V. Abrahamic Perspectives 587

42 The Islamic Quest for Sociopolitical Justice 589
Bustami Mohamed Khir

43 Abrahamic Theopolitics Revisited: A Jewish View 604
Peter Ochs

Index 619