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SOA Modeling Patterns for Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis




SOA Modeling Patterns for Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis

Michael Bell

ISBN: 978-0-470-57971-8 December 2009 480 Pages



Learn the essential tools for developing a sound service-oriented architecture

SOA Modeling Patterns for Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis introduces a universal, easy-to-use, and nimble SOA modeling language to facilitate the service identification and examination life cycle stage. This business and technological vocabulary will benefit your service development endeavors and foster organizational software asset reuse and consolidation, and reduction of expenditure.

Whether you are a developer, business architect, technical architect, modeler, business analyst, team leader, or manager, this essential guide-introducing an elaborate set of more than 100 patterns and anti-patterns-will help you successfully discover and analyze services, and model a superior solution for your project,.

  • Explores how to discover services
  • Explains how to analyze services for construction and production
  • How to assess service feasibility for deployment
  • How to employ the SOA modeling language during the service identification and examination process
  • How to utilize the SOA modeling patterns and anti-patterns for service discovery and analysis

Focusing on the Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Life Cycle Stage, this book will help you acquire a broad SOA Modeling knowledge base and leverage that to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Preface xix

Foreword xxi

CHAPTER 1 Introduction 1

What is Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis? 2

Service-Oriented Analysis Endeavor 2

Service-Oriented Discovery Endeavor 7

Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Proposition 11

Driving Principles of Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis 13

Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Modeling 15

Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Patterns 17

Summary 20

PART ONE Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Road Map Patterns 21

CHAPTER 2 Vertical Service Discovery and Analysis: Pursuing Inward and Downward Road Map Patterns 25

Service Discovery and Analysis Inward Road Map Pattern 25

Service Discovery and Analysis Downward Road Map Pattern 32

Deliverables 38

Summary 39

CHAPTER 3 Horizontal Service Discovery and Analysis: Pursuing Upward and Outward Road Map Patterns 41

Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Upward Road Map Pattern 42

Service Discovery and Analysis Outward Road Map Pattern 46

Deliverables 56

Summary 56

CHAPTER 4 Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Best Practices Model: Striving for Balanced Solutions 59

Meet-in-the-Middle Service Discovery: Balancing the Identification Venture 59

Structural and Contextual Analysis and Modeling: Balanced Solutions 61

Focus on Service Discovery and Analysis Cross-Cutting Activities 62

Categorization of Services: Reality Check 64

Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis Best Practices Model 64

Deliverables 68

Summary 68

PART TWO Service-Oriented Discovery Patterns 69

CHAPTER 5 Top-Down Business Process-Driven Service Discovery Pattern 71

Is Business Process Top-Down Service Discovery Practical? 71

Documenting Business Processes: Industry Standards 72

Understand Business Processes 72

Define Business Process Analysis Maturity Level 76

Study Documented Business Processes 77

Establish Service-Oriented Business Process Model 78

Discover Analysis Services 82

Deliverables 87

Summary 88

CHAPTER 6 Top-Down Attribute-Driven Service Discovery Pattern 89

Study Business and Technology Discovery Sources 89

Attend to the Service Discovery Process 90

Institute Core Attributes 91

Establish Attribution Model 93

Select Attributes for Service Discovery 95

Found Decision Model 97

Discover Analysis Services 100

Establish Service Taxonomy 102

Deliverables 104

Summary 104

CHAPTER 7 Front-to-Back Service Discovery Pattern 105

Front-to-Back Service Discovery Model 105

User Interface Control Services 106

User Interface Content Delivery Services 111

User Interface Content Rendering Services 114

User Interface Value Services 117

Front-to-Back Service Discovery Process 118

Deliverables 122

Summary 122

CHAPTER 8 Back-to-Front Service Discovery Pattern 123

Conceptual Data Model Perspective 123

Logical Data Model Perspective 127

Physical Data Model Perspective 139

Back-to-Front Service Discovery Process 139

Deliverables 144

Summary 144

CHAPTER 9 Bottom-Up Service Discovery Pattern 145

Bottom-Up Business Functionality–Driven Service Discovery 145

Bottom-Up Technology-Driven Service Discovery 152

Bottom-Up Reference Architecture–Driven Service Discovery 157

Deliverables 163

Summary 163

CHAPTER 10 Meet-in-the-Middle Service Discovery Pattern 165

Integration-Oriented Services 165

Common Business Services 172

Infrastructure-Oriented Services 175

Deliverables 179

Summary 180

PART THREE Service-Oriented Categorization Patterns 181

CHAPTER 11 Service Source Categorization Patterns 183

Service Ideas and Concepts 183

Service Abstractions 185

Legacy Entities: Road-Tested Executables 188

Service Portfolio 189

Virtual Entities 191

Deliverables 191

Summary 192

CHAPTER 12 Service Structure Categorization Patterns 193

Service Structure Model 193

Environmental Influences on Service Structure 194

Service Structure Categorization Driving Principles 195

Atomic Service Structure: Indivisible Pattern 195

Composite Service Structure: Hierarchical Pattern 196

Service Cluster: Distributed and Federated Pattern 200

Deliverables 203

Summary 204

CHAPTER 13 Service Contextual Categorization Patterns 205

Contextual Classification Model: Patterns for ServiceContextual Categorization 205

Establishing Leading Service Categories 207

Service Subcategories Establishment Process 211

Deliverables 219

Summary 219

PART FOUR Service-Oriented Contextual Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 221

CHAPTER 14 Contextual Generalization Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 225

Contextual Generalization Process 225

Contextual Generalization Patterns 232

Contextual Generalization Anti-Patterns 240

Deliverables 243

Summary 243

CHAPTER 15 Contextual Specification Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 245

Contextual Specification Process 245

Contextual Specification Patterns 250

Service Specification Anti-Patterns 258

Deliverables 261

Summary 261

CHAPTER 16 Contextual Expansion Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 263

Contextual Expansion Process 264

Contextual Expansion Levels: Organizational Zones for Distribution of Services 265

Contextual Expansion Patterns 270

Service Contextual Expansion Anti-Patterns 278

Deliverables 281

Summary 281

CHAPTER 17 Contextual Contraction Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 283

Accommodating Demand for Contextual Contraction 283

Service Contextual Contraction Benefits 284

Service Contextual Contraction Example 285

Contextual Contraction Process 286

Contextual Contraction Patterns 290

Contextual Contraction Anti-Patterns 299

Deliverables 301

Summary 301

PART FIVE Service-Oriented Structural Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 303

CHAPTER 18 Structural Analysis and Modeling Principles: Introduction to Service Structural Notation and Modeling 305

Structural Analysis Modeling Principles 305

Structural Modeling Notation Introduction 306

Aggregation 310

Decomposition 311

Subtraction 312

Coupling and Decoupling 313

Compounding 315

Unification 316

Transformation 318

Intersection 319

Exclusion 321

Clipping 323

Binding and Unbinding 324

Cloning and Decloning 326

Deliverables 328

Summary 329

CHAPTER 19 Structural Generalization Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 331

Aggregation Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 332

Unification Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 339

Structural Compounding Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 345

Contract Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 351

Deliverables 357

Summary 357

CHAPTER 20 Structural Specification Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 359

Decomposition Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 359

Subtraction Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 368

Refactoring Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 375

Contract Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 382

Deliverables 388

Summary 388

CHAPTER 21 Structural Expansion Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 389

Distribution Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 390

Mediation Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 405

Contract Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 414

Deliverables 420

Summary 420

CHAPTER 22 Structural Contraction Analysis Process and Modeling Patterns 423

Distribution Reduction Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 424

Mediation Rollback Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 435

Contract Analysis: Patterns and Implementation 444

Deliverables 450

Summary 450

Index 451