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A Collection of Surveys on Market Experiments




A Collection of Surveys on Market Experiments

Charles Noussair (Editor), Steven Tucker (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-79068-7 November 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages


Comprised of 10 surveys by leading scholars, this collection showcases the largest and fastest growing strands of research on market behaviour in experimental economics. 

  • Covers topics such as asset markets, contests, environmental policy, frictions, general equilibrium, labour markets, multi-unit auctions, oligopoly markets, and prediction markets
  • Focuses on the literature that has helped economists best understand how markets operate
  • Assesses the impact of developments in theory, policy, and research methods

1. A Collection of Surveys on Market Experiments 1
Charles N. Noussair and Steven Tucker

2. Experimental Labor Markets and Policy Considerations: Incomplete Contracts and Macroeconomic Aspects 5
Fortuna Casoria and Arno Riedl

3. Price Dynamics in General Equilibrium Experiments 31
Sean Crockett

4. Oligopoly Experiments in the Current Millennium 51
Jan Potters and Sigrid Suetens

5. Multiunit Auctions 75
Anthony M. Kwasnica and Katerina Sherstyuk

6. Overbidding and Heterogeneous Behavior in Contest Experiments 109
Roman M. Sheremeta

7. Environmental Markets: What Do We Learn From the Lab? 135
Lana Friesen and Lata Gangadharan

8. Experimental Markets with Frictions 159
Gabriele Camera, Marco Casari and Maria Bigoni

9. Experimental Research on Asset Pricing 179
Charles N. Noussair and Steven Tucker

10. A Review of Bubbles and Crashes in Experimental Asset Markets 197
Stefan Palan

11. Prediction Markets in the Laboratory 219
Cary Deck and David Porter

Index 235