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A Companion to Bioethics

Helga Kuhse (Editor), Peter Singer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22769-4 January 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 528 Pages


This volume contains all that the beginning reader or student needs to soundly grasp the ideas and issues involved in the field.
List of Contributors.


Part I: Introduction:.

1. What is Bioethics? A Historical Introduction: Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer.

Part II: Questions About Bioethics:.

2. Ethical Theory and Bioethics: James Rachels.

3. Bioethics and Cultural Diversity: Segun Gbadegesin.

4. Gender and Bioethics: Jan Crosthwaite.

5. Religion and Bioethics: Baruch Brody.

6. Law and Bioethics: Wibren van der Burg.

Part III: Ethical Approaches:.

7. A Principle-based Approach: James F. Childress.

8. An Absolute Rule Approach: Joseph Boyle.

9. A Utilitarian Approach: R. M. Hare.

10. A Virtue Ethics Approach: Justin Oakley.

11. A Care Approach: Rita C. Manning.

12. A Case Approach: John D. Arras.

Part IV: Before Birth: Issues Involving Embryos and Fetuses:.

13. Personhood: Michael Tooley.

14. Abortion: Mary Ann Warren.

15. Mother-Fetus Conflict: Bonnie Steinbock.

Part V: Issues in Reproduction:.

16. Population Issues: Margaret Battin.

17. Assisted Reproduction: Laura Purdy.

18. Prenatal Screening, Sex Selection and Cloning: Paul Robinson.

Part VI: The New Genetics:.

19. Gene Therapy: Ruth Chadwick.

20. Mapping the Human Genome: Timothy Murphy.

21. Creating and Patenting New Life Forms: Nils Holtug.

22. Genetic Screening and Counselling: Angus Clarke.

Part VII: Life and Death Issues:.

23. Medical Decisions at the End of Life: Dan W. Brock.

24. Severely Disabled Newborns: Eike-Henner W. Kluge.

25. Brain Death, Cortical Death and Persistent Vegetative State: Jeff McMahan.

26. Advance Directives: Alex Capron.

27. Voluntary Euthanasia, Suicide and Physician Assisted Suicide: Brian Stoffell.

28. The Slippery Slope Argument: Govert den Hartogh.

Part VIII: Resource Allocation:.

29. Micro-allocation: Deciding Between Patients: John Harris.

30. Macro-allocation: Dividing Up the Health Care Budget: Dan Wikler and Sarah Marchand.

31. Is There a Right to Health Care and, If So, What Does it Encompass?: Norman Daniels.

Part IX: Organ Donations:.

32. Organ Transplantation: Rosamund Rhodes.

Part X: AIDS:.

33. AIDS: Individual and 'Public' Interests: Udo Schuklenk.

34. AIDS: Ethical Issues in the Developing World: Udo Schuklenk et al.

Part XI: Experimentation With Human Subjects:.

35. Experimentation on Human Beings: Paul M. McNeill.

36. Ethical Issues in Human Experimentation: Leonardo D. de Castro.

37. Experimentation on Human Embryos and Fetuses: Mary Warnock.

Part XII: Experimentation with Animals:.

38. History and Ethical Regulation of Animal Experimentation: An International Perspective: F. Barbara Orlans.

39. The Moral Status of Animals and Their Use as Experimental Subjects: Bernard E. Rollins.

Part XIII: Ethical Issues in the Practice of Health Care:.

40. Confidentiality: Raanan Gillon.

41. Truth-telling: Roger Higgs.

42. Informed Consent and Patient Autonomy: Robert Young.

43. Patients Doubtfully Capable or Incapable of Consent: Carl Elliot.

44. Special Issues Facing Nurses: Verena Tschudin.

Part XIV: The Teaching and Practice of Bioethics:.

45. Ethics Committees and Ethics Consultants: Jonathan D. Moreno.

46. How Bioethics is Being Taught: A Critical Review: Cat Myser.


  • Contributors include some of the world's leading bioethicists.

  • Provides an excellent overview of the field of bioethics.

  • Detailed index and bibliographic information enhance this valuable reference work.

  • Structured around themes allowing for exceptional accessibility.