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A Companion to Euripides

Laura K. McClure (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-25750-9 December 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 632 Pages


A Companion to Euripides is an up-to-date, centralized assessment of Euripides and his work, drawing from the most recently published texts, commentaries, and scholarship, and offering detailed discussions and provocative interpretations of his extant plays and fragments.
  • The most contemporary scholarship on Euripides and his oeuvre, featuring the latest texts and commentaries
  • Leading scholars in the field discuss all of Euripides’ plays and their afterlife with breadth and depth
  • A dedicated section focuses on the reception of Euripidean drama since the Hellenistic
  • Original and provocative interpretations of Euripides and his plays forge important paths of in future scholarship

Notes on Contributors viii

Acknowledgments xiii

List of Abbreviations xiv

1 Introduction 1
Laura K. McClure

PART I Text, Author, and Tradition 9

2 Text and Transmission 11
Donald J. Mastronarde

3 The Euripidean Biography 27
Ruth Scodel

4 Euripides and the Development of Greek Tragedy 42
John Gibert

PART II Early Plays (438–416 bce) 59

5 Alcestis 61
Eirene Visvardi

6 Medea 80
Laura Swift

7 Children of Heracles 92
Owen E. Goslin

8 Hippolytus 107
Mary Ebbott  

9 Andromache 122
Ian C. Storey

10 Hecuba 136
Daniel Turkeltaub

11 Suppliant Women 152
Laura K. McClure

12 Electra 166
Hanna M. Roisman

13 Heracles: The Perfect Piece 182
C.W. Marshall

PART III Later Plays (After 416 bce) 197

14 Trojan Women 199
Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz

15 Iphigenia in Tauris 214
Jennifer Clarke Kosak

16 Ion: An Edible Fairy Tale? 228
Emma M. Griffiths

17 Significant Inconsistencies in Euripides’ Helen 243
Deborah Boedeker

18 Phoenician Women 258
Anna A. Lamari

19 Orestes 270
Elton Barker

20 Iphigenia at Aulis 284
Isabelle Torrance

21 Bacchae 298
Laurialan Reitzammer

PART IV Satyr, Spurious, and Fragmentary Plays 313

22 Cyclops 315
Patrick O’Sullivan

23 Rhesus 334
Vayos Liapis

24 Fragments and Fragmentary Plays 347
Christopher Collard

PART V Form, Structure, and Performance 365

25 Form and Structure 367
Markus Dubischar

26 The Theater of Euripides 390
David Kawalko Roselli

27 The Euripidean Chorus 412
Sheila Murnaghan

28 Euripides and the Sound of Music 428
Armand D’Angour

PART VI Topics and Approaches 445

29 Euripides and his Intellectual Context 447
Francis M. Dunn

30 Myth 468
Matthew Wright

31 Euripides and Religion 483
Judith Fletcher

32 Gender 500
Melissa Mueller

PART VII Reception 515

33 Euripides, Aristophanes, and the Reception of “Sophistic” Styles 517
Nancy Worman

34 Euripides in the Fourth Century bce 533
Anne Duncan

35 Euripides and Senecan Drama 546
Christopher Star

36 All Aboard the Bacchae Bus: Reception of Euripides in the Twentieth and Twenty]first Centuries 565
Barbara Goff

Index 583