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A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art




A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art

Michelle Facos (Editor), Dana Arnold (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-85635-2 September 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 560 Pages

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A comprehensive review of art in the first truly modern century

A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art contains contributions from an international panel of noted experts to offer a broad overview of both national and transnational developments, as well as new and innovative investigations of individual art works, artists, and issues. The text puts to rest the skewed perception of nineteenth-century art as primarily Paris-centric by including major developments beyond the French borders. The contributors present a more holistic and nuanced understanding of the art world during this first modern century.

In addition to highlighting particular national identities of artists, A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art also puts the focus on other aspects of identity including individual, ethnic, gender, and religious. The text explores a wealth of relevant topics such as: the challenges the artists faced; how artists learned their craft and how they met clients; the circumstances that affected artist’s choices and the opportunities they encountered; and where the public and critics experienced art. This important text:

  • Offers a comprehensive review of nineteenth-century art that covers the most pressing issues and significant artists of the era
  • Covers a wealth of important topics such as: ethnic and gender identity, certain general trends in the nineteenth century, an overview of the art market during the period, and much more
  • Presents novel and valuable insights into familiar works and their artists

Written for students of art history and those studying the history of the nineteenth century, A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art offers a comprehensive review of the first modern era art with contributions from noted experts in the field.

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About the Editor xiii

Notes on Contributors xv

Series Editor’s Preface xxi

Acknowledgments xxiii

Introduction xxv
Michelle Facos

1 Moses Jacob Ezekiel’s Religious Liberty (1876) and the Nineteenth‐Century Jewish American Experience 1
Samantha Baskind

2 The Lure of “Magick Land”: British Artists and Italy in the Eighteenth Century 17
Brendan Cassidy

3 Mining the Dutch Golden Age: The Avant‐Garde Enterprise 35
Johanna Ruth Epstein

4 “The Revenge of Art on Life”: Beauty, Modernity, and Edward Burne‐Jones’s King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid 51
Andrea Wolk Rager

5 Show and Tell: Exhibition Practice in the Nineteenth Century 69
Patricia Mainardi

6 Networked: The Art Market in the Nineteenth Century 83
Pamela Fletcher and Anne Helmreich

7 German Art Academies and their Impact on Artistic Style 103
Sabine Wieber

8 “Orientalism” in Art: The Case of John Frederick Lewis 121
Julie Codell

9 Wall to Wall: Zones of Artistic Engagement in Late Nineteenth‐Century America 139
Melody Barnett Deusner

10 “Like a Dog, Just Looking”: Cézanne, Innocence, and Early Phenomenological Thought in Nineteenth‐Century France 159
Nina Athanassoglou‐Kallmyer

11 Aesthetic Religion, Religious Aesthetics, and the Romantic Quest for Epiphany 175
Cordula Grewe

12 The Wanderers and Realism in Tsarist Russia 193
Josephine Karg

13 Thomas Cole and the Domestic Landscape of the Hudson River School 209
William L. Coleman

14 Sculpture and the Public Imagination: Nineteenth‐Century Site‐Specific Art of the Cemetery, the Garden, and the Street 225
Caterina Y. Pierre

15 Capturing Unconsciousness: The New Psychology, Hypnosis, and the Culture of Hysteria 243
Fae Brauer

16 Impressionism and the Mirror Image 263
Martha Lucy

17 Roots: Landscapes of Nationalism in the Long Nineteenth Century 281
Neil McWilliam

18 Australian Art in the Nineteenth‐Century: Forging a National Style 299
Catherine Speck

19 Tradition and Modernity in Nineteenth‐Century Catalan Art: From Romanticism to Picasso 315
M. Lluïsa Faxedas Brujats

20 Principle and Practice in Nineteenth‐Century Danish Landscape Painting 335
Thor J. Mednick

21 Art and Multiculturalism in Estonia and Latvia, circa 1900 353
Bart Pushaw

22 Nationalism and the Myth of Hungarian Origin: Attila and Árpád 371
Terri Switzer

23 In the Service of the Nation: Forging the Identity of Polish Art in the Nineteenth Century 391
Agnieszka Rosales Rodriguez

24 Facing Modernism: Jean‐Antoine Houdon and the Politics of the Portrait Bust in Eighteenth‐Century France 413
Ronit Milano

25 Identity Tourism: Studio Stagings in Nineteenth‐Century Photography 431
Patricia G. Berman

26 The Meaning of the Verb “To Be” in Painting: Manet’s Olympia 451
Andrei Molotiu

27 Cassatt’s Singular Women: Reading Le Figaro and the Older New Woman 467
Ruth E. Iskin

28 Fashion, Lithography, and Gender Instability in Romantic‐Era Paris: A Case Study 485
Andrew Carrington Shelton

29 Racist or Hero of Social Art?: Degas, the Birth of Sociology, and the Biopolitical Gaze 499
Michael F. Zimmermann

Index 519