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A Companion to Roman Italy

A Companion to Roman Italy

Alison E. Cooley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-33926-0 March 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 576 Pages


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A Companion to Roman Italy investigates the impact of Rome in all its forms—political, cultural, social, and economic—upon Italy’s various regions, as well as the extent to which unification occurred as Rome became the capital of Italy.

  • The collection presents new archaeological data relating to the sites of Roman Italy
  • Contributions discuss new theories of how to understand cultural change in the Italian peninsula
  • Combines detailed case-studies of particular sites with wider-ranging thematic chapters
  • Leading contributors not only make accessible the most recent work on Roman Italy, but also offer fresh insight on long standing debates

List of Illustrations vii

List of Tables xii

Notes on Contributors xiii

Acknowledgements xvi

Introduction: Setting the Scene 1

1 Italy Before the Romans 2
Elena Isayev

Part I The Impact of Rome – Unification and Integration 33

2 Rome’s Encroachment on Italy 35
Rafael Scopacasa

3 Italy and the Greek East, Second Century bc 57
Celia E. Schultz

4 The Social War 76
Edward Bispham

5 The Civil Wars and the Triumvirate 90
Edward Bispham

6 Coming to Terms with Dynastic Power, 30 bc–ad 69 103
Alison E. Cooley

7 Italy during the High Empire, from the Flavians to Diocletian 121
Alison E. Cooley

8 Late Roman and Late Antique Italy: from Constantine to Justinian 133
Neil Christie

Part II Local and Regional Diversity 155

2.1 Cultural Diversity 157

9 Funerary Practices 159
Emma]Jayne Graham and Valerie M. Hope

10 Diversity in Architecture and Urbanism 181
Margaret L. Laird

11 Language and Literacy in Roman Italy 217
Kathryn Lomas

2.2 Greek Italy 235

12 Roman Naples 237
Kathryn Lomas

13 Magna Graecia, 270 bc–ad 200 253
Kathryn Lomas

2.3 Case-study: Becoming Roman in Cisalpina 269

14 The Changing Face of Cisalpine Identity 271
Clifford Ando

Part III Town and Country 289

3.1 Settlement Patterns 291

15 Urbanization 293
Joanne Berry

16 Urban Peripheries 308
Penelope J. Goodman

17 Villas 330
Nigel Pollard

3.2 Case-studies of Towns and their Territories 355

18 Republican and Early Imperial Towns in the Tiber Valley 357
Simon Keay and Martin Millett

19 Cosa and the Ager Cosanus 378
Elizabeth Fentress and Phil Perkins

20 Pompeii and the Ager Pompeianus 401
Ray Laurence

21 Ostia 417
Janet DeLaine

Part IV Economy and Society 439

22 Regional Interaction 441
Rebecca R. Benefiel

23 Agricultural Production in Roman Italy 459
Robert Witcher

24 Local Elites 483
John R. Patterson

25 Sub]Elites 498
Jonathan S. Perry

Index 513