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A Companion to Wittgenstein


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A Companion to Wittgenstein

Hans-Johann Glock (Editor), John Hyman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-64116-3 January 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 808 Pages

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The most comprehensive survey of Wittgenstein’s thought yet compiled, this volume of fifty newly commissioned essays by leading interpreters of his philosophy is a keynote addition to the Blackwell series on the world’s great philosophers, covering everything from Wittgenstein’s intellectual development to the latest interpretations of his hugely influential ideas. The lucid, engaging commentary also reviews Wittgenstein’s historical legacy and his continued impact on contemporary philosophical debate.

Notes on Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Wittgenstein’s Published Works in Order of Composition xiv

Introduction 1
Hans-Johann Glock and John Hyman

Ludwig Wittgenstein: A Sketch of His Life 5
Ray Monk

Part I Introductory 21

1. Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Development  23
Wolfgang Kienzler

2. Wittgenstein’s Texts and Style 41
David G. Stern

Part II Influences 57

3. Wittgenstein and Schopenhauer 59
Dale Jacquette

4. Wittgenstein and Frege 74
Michael Beaney

5. Wittgenstein and Russell 92
Graham Stevens

6. Wittgenstein, Hertz, and Boltzmann  110
John M. Preston

Part III Early Philosophy 125

7. Logical Atomism  127
Leo K.C. Cheung

8. The Picture Theory  141
Colin Johnston

9. Wittgenstein on Solipsism 159
Ernst Michael Lange

10. Resolute Readings of the Tractatus 175
James Conant and Silver Bronzo

11. Ineffability and Nonsense in the Tractatus 195
Leo K.C. Cheung

12. Metaphysics: From Ineffability to Normativity 209
P.M.S. Hacker

Part IV Philosophy and Grammar 229

13. Philosophy and Philosophical Method 231
Hans-Johann Glock

14. Grammar and Grammatical Statements 252
Severin Schroeder

15. The Autonomy of Grammar 269
Michael N. Forster

16. Surveyability 278
Joachim Schulte

Part V Logic and Mathematics  291

17. Logic and the Tractatus 293
Roger M. White

18. Wittgenstein’s Early Philosophy of Mathematics 305
Pasquale Frascolla

19. Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy of Mathematics 319
A.W. Moore

20. Wittgenstein and Antirealism 332
Mathieu Marion

21. Necessity and Apriority 346
Eric Loomis

Part VI Language 359

22. Names and Ostensive Definitions 361
Kai Büttner

23. Meaning and Understanding 375
Jason Bridges

24. Rules and Rule-Following 390
Gary Ebbs

25. Vagueness and Family Resemblance 407
Hanoch Ben-Yami

26. Languages, Language-Games, and Forms of Life 420
Daniel Whiting

27. Wittgenstein on Truth 433
David Dolby

Part VII Mind and Action 443

28. Privacy and Private Language 445
Edward Kanterian

29. The Inner and the Outer 465
William Child

30. Wittgenstein on “I” and the Self 478
Maximilian de Gaynesford

31. Wittgenstein on Action and the Will 491
Maria Alvarez

32. Wittgenstein on Intentionality 502
Stefan Brandt

33. Wittgenstein on Seeing Aspects 517
Arif Ahmed

34. Wittgenstein on Color 533
Jonathan Westphal

Part VIII Epistemology 545

35. Wittgenstein on Knowledge and Certainty 547
Danièle Moyal-Sharrock

36. Wittgenstein on Skepticism 563
Duncan Pritchard

37. Wittgenstein on Causation and Induction 576
Constantine Sandis and Chon Tejedor

38. Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Science 587
Vasso Kindi

Part IX Ethics, Aesthetics, and Religion 603

39. Wittgenstein and Ethics 605
Robert L. Arrington

40. Wittgenstein and Aesthetics 612
Severin Schroeder

41. Wittgenstein and Anthropology 627
Brian R. Clack

42. Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Religion 639
John Cottingham

43. Wittgenstein and Psychoanalysis 651
Edward Harcourt

Part X Philosophical Schools and Traditions 667

44. Wittgenstein and the Aristotelian Tradition 669
Roger Pouivet

45. Wittgenstein and Kantianism 682
Robert Hanna

46. Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle 699
Thomas Uebel

47. Wittgenstein and Ordinary Language Philosophy 718
Anita Avramides

48. Wittgenstein and Pragmatism 731
David Bakhurst and Cheryl Misak

49. Wittgenstein and Naturalism 746
Christopher Hookway

50. Wittgenstein and Continental Philosophy 757
Stephen Mulhall

Index 000