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Asymmetric Organic Synthesis with Enzymes


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Perfect for biochemists, synthetic and organic chemists, this book covers all important reactions, including C-C coupling reactions, oxidation reactions and many more.
Divided into two parts, the first section on methodology presents new innovative methods for enzymatic catalysis optimization, including such new trends as medium engineering, directed evolution and computer-aided prediction of enantioselectivity. The second and main section deals with applications to synthesis, showing important reaction types and their applications. Only those reactions with very high selectivity are presented, allowing readers to improve their own reaction yields.
Medium Engineering:
Directed evolution:
The search for new enzymes:
Dynamic Kinetic Resolutions:
Deracemization and Enantioconvergent Processes:
Transesterification and hydrolysis of carboxylic acid derivatives, alcohols and epoxides
Aminolysis and ammonolysis of carboxylic acid derivatives:
Reduction Reactions:
Oxidation Reactions:
Making and breaking C-C bonds:

"An up-to-date insight into important enzyme-catalyzed reactions. The chapters comprise the most frequently used techniques and concepts with some very interesting new developments. The two complementary sections are useful, and the book can be recommended to a broad readership as an introductory guide for the use of enzymes in asymmetric organic synthesis." (ChemSusChem, December 2008)

"…it provides a solid, up-to-date, and comprehensive introduction and overview of enzyme-catalyzed asymmetric synthesis, and can undoubtedly be recommended to students and lecturers…" (Angewandte Chemie, August 18, 2008)

"Because the text covers a wide span of topics and resesarch interest, it is recommended as a learning tool fo rgraudate students in biochemistry and organic chemistry entering the field and as a guide to professionals aready enjoying the power of enzymes..." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, August 13, 2008)