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Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation Protection, 3rd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition




Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation Protection, 3rd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition

James E. Turner

ISBN: 978-3-527-40606-7 May 2007 606 Pages


Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation Protection offers professionals and advanced students a comprehensive coverage of the major concepts that underlie the origins and transport of ionizing radiation in matter. Understanding atomic structure and the physical mechanisms of radiation interactions is the foundation on which much of the current practice of radiological health protection is based. The work covers the detection and measurement of radiation and the statistical interpretation of the data. The procedures that are used to protect man and the environment from the potential harmful effects of radiation are thoroughly described. Basic principles are illustrated with an abundance of worked examples that exemplify practical applications. Chapters include problem sets (with partial answers) and extensive tables and graphs for continued use as a reference work. This completely revised and enlarged third edition includes thorough updates of the material, including the latest recommendations of the ICRP and NCRP.
1. About Atomic Physics and Radiation
2. Atomic Structure and Atomic Radiation
3. The Nucleus and Nuclear Radiation
4. Radioactive Decay
5. Interaction of Heavy Charged Particles with Matter
6. Interaction of Electrons with Matter
7. Phenomena Associated with Charged-Particle Tracks
8. Interaction of Photons with Matter
9. Neutrons, Fission, and Criticality
10. Methods of Radiation Detection
11. Statistics
12. Radiation Dosimetry
13. Chemical and Biological Effects of Radiation
14. Radiation-Protection Criteria and Exposure Limits
15. External Radiation Protection
16. Internal Dosimetry and Radiation Protection
  • Extensive revisions of chapters on Atomic Physics and Radiation, Methods of Radiation Detection, Statistics, Radiation Dosimetry, Radiation-Protection Criteria and Exposure Limits, and External Radiation Protection
From Reviews of the Second Edition:

"What can I say? The second edition of 'Atoms, Radiation, and Radiation Protection' is much better than the first edition, and the first edition was great. [...] It is [...] one of the finest graduate-level texts on radiation protection. For someone teaching a graduate course on radiation protection, this is a 'must have' book. [...] Everything you might want or need on the road to understanding radiation interaction is clearly and concisely handled. [...] Don't think this is a book for graduate students and teachers alone, however; it is a fine reference for anyone working in radiation protection."
Physics Today

"The strength of the book lies in its unique analyses of fundamental particle track structure, including Monte Carlo computations, the detail of the important stochastical nature of the interactions, manifest in microdosimetry, and their consequences in radiobiological effects of setting up the criteria for radiation protection."
Radiation and Environmental Biophysics

"This book is an excellent text for graduate students in health physics, as it contains an appropriately detailed discussion about atomic and nuclear physics for such students. [...] Major strengths of the book are that it contains rigorous discussions about radioactive decay, interaction of radiation with matter, statistics of counting and methods for shielding calculations.
The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
  • Provides an abundance of practical, worked-out examples, numerical problems, real world applications, and data
  • Chapters include problem sets (with partial answers)
  • Includes thorough updates of the whole material, and takes into account the latest models and recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection as well as new techniques on calculation x-ray shielding