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Avionics Navigation Systems, 2nd Edition

Myron Kayton, Walter R. Fried

ISBN: 978-0-471-54795-2 May 1997 800 Pages


An indispensable resource for all those who design, build, manage,and operate electronic navigation systems

Avionics Navigation Systems, Second Edition, is a complete guide tothe art and science of modern electronic navigation, focusing onaircraft. It covers electronic navigation systems in civil andmilitary aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, andmanned spacecraft. It has been thoroughly updated and expanded toinclude all of the major advances that have occurred since thepublication of the classic first edition. It covers the entirefield from basic navigation principles, equations, andstate-of-the-art hardware to emerging technologies. Each chapter isdevoted to a different system or technology and provides detailedinformation about its functions, design characteristics, equipmentconfigurations, performance limitations, and directions for thefuture. You'll find everything you need to know about:
* Traditional ground-based radio navigation
* Satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, and their augmentations
* New inertial systems, including optical rate sensors,micromechanical accelerometers, and high-accuracy stellar-inertialnavigators Instrument Landing System and its successors
* Integrated communication-navigation systems used onbattlefields
* Airborne mapping, Doppler, and multimode radars
* Terrain matching
* Special needs of military aircraft
* And much more
The Navigation Equations (M. Kayton).

Multisensor Navigation Systems (J. Huddle & R. Brown).

Terrestrial Radio-Navigation Systems (B. Uttam, et al.).

Satellite Radio Navigation (A. Van Dierendonck).

Terrestrial Integrated Radio Communication-Navigation Systems (W.Fried, et al.).

Inertial Navigation (D. Tazartes, et al.).

Air-Data Systems (S. Osder).

Attitude and Heading References (M. Kayton & W. Wing).

Doppler and Altimeter Radars (W. Fried, et al.).

Mapping and Multimode Radars (J. Pearson, et al.).

Celestial Navigation (E. Knobbe & G. Haas).

Landing Systems (D. Vickers, et al.).

Air Traffic Management (C. Miller & J. Scardina).

Avionics Interfaces (C. Spitzer).


  • Coverage of satellite/GPS systems for air, ship,and traffic navigation.
  • Applications outside of aircraft and spacecraft, including electronic navigation in automobiles, truck fleets and ships.
  • Presents state-of -the- art technologies such as, spinning-wheel dry-tuned gyros, laser rate sensors, inertial systems, microwave landing systems.
  • Presents the basic functions and fundamental principles of each system, followed by design characteristics, equipment configurations, and performance evaluations.