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Bear Market Investing Strategies

Harry D. Schultz

ISBN: 978-0-470-84702-2 June 2002 188 Pages


A fresh look at proven ways to protect your wealth from the author of the classic Bear Markets book
Harry Schultz has been identifying bear market warning signals and teaching people how to prepare a profitable survival portfolio in light of these signals for over thirty-five years through his highly acclaimed newsletter, The International Harry Schultz Letter, which reaches subscribers in over ninety countries. The 1960s' classic book Bear Markets has been fully updated and revised to reflect the unprecedented changes taking place in today's volatile economic environment-making it extremely relevant to the current financial market. This book provides the necessary tools for investors to construct a portfolio that will allow them to protect and grow their money under the most severe bear market conditions through technical analysis and models of numerous bear market variables. Bear Market Investing Strategies offers practical and approachable strategies that every investor needs today.

Part I: The Bear Background.


History of Bear Markets.

Part II: Economic Setting for Bear Markets.

Guideposts for Bear Markets.

Globalization, Terrorism, and Foreign Investment.

Part III: Structure of Bear Markets.

Secondary Reactions.

Bear Market Legs.

Part IV: Tools for Measuring Bear Markets.

Tools to Help You Recognize and Survive a Bear Market.

Tools that "Change Shape" in Bear Markets.

Cycles Study: A Useful Market Tool?

Chart Reading and Interpretation.

Part V: Money-Making Tactics.

Preservation of Capital during a Bear Market.

Short Selling 101.

Strategies for Making Money Even If You Guess Wrong.

Rules for Being a Flexible Investor.

Defensive Investments that Allow You to Sleep Nights.

Part VI: The Emotional Aspect.

Human Psychology in the Marketplace.

Contrary Opinion.

Part VII: Predictions and Conclusions.

The Past is Prologue.

“…a truly brilliant compact tome which I expect will be an acclaimed classic even in 50 years time…”    (, 18 November 2002)