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Biological Oceanography, 2nd Edition




Biological Oceanography, 2nd Edition

Charles B. Miller, Patricia A. Wheeler

ISBN: 978-1-444-33301-5 April 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 474 Pages

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This new edition of Biological Oceanography has been greatly updated and expanded since its initial publication in 2004. It presents current understanding of ocean ecology emphasizing the character of marine organisms from viruses to fish and worms, together with their significance to their habitats and to each other.

The book initially emphasizes pelagic organisms and processes, but benthos, hydrothermal vents, climate-change effects, and fisheries all receive attention. The chapter on oceanic biomes has been greatly expanded and a new chapter reviewing approaches to pelagic food webs has been added. Throughout, the book has been revised to account for recent advances in this rapidly changing field. The increased importance of molecular genetic data across the field is evident in most of the chapters.

As with the previous edition, the book is primarily written for senior undergraduate and graduate students of ocean ecology and professional marine ecologists.

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Preface to the second edition vii

Acknowledgements viii

1 Ocean ecology: some fundamental aspects 1

2 The phycology of phytoplankton 19

3 Habitat determinants of primary production in the sea 49

4 Numerical models: the standard form of theory in pelagic ecology 73

5 A sea of microbes: archaea, bacteria, protists, and viruses in the marine pelagial 96

6 The zoology of zooplankton 115

7 Production ecology of marine zooplankton 130

8 Population biology of zooplankton 158

9 Pelagic food webs 181

10 Biogeography of pelagic habitats 202

11 Biome and province analysis of the oceans 230

12 Adaptive complexes of meso- and bathypelagic organisms 276

13 The fauna of deep-sea sediments 292

14 Some benthic community ecology 321

Biological oceanography

15 Submarine hydrothermal vents 351

16 Ocean ecology and global climate change 367

17 Fisheries oceanography 396

References 427


Colour plates appear between pages 230 and 231

“Due to its comprehensive nature, it is clear that this book will also succeed as a standard text for use in undergraduate and graduate marine science courses.”  (Austral Ecology, 10 October 2014)

“The book is extremely well referenced for further study and the impression is that most of the work cited is from within about the last twenty years. Altogether a worthy addition to any marine departmental library.”  (British Ecological Society Bulletin, 1 December 2012)

“Overall I found it to be an immensely informative and entertaining read. This book will make an excellent core text for any graduate level course in Biological Oceanography whether introductory or advanced...I also think that every Biological Oceanographer should read it. It is an enlightening experience to view your field through the eyes of two colleagues who have been in this business for a long time. I also found reading this book a humbling experience.  Charlie Miller and Pat Wheeler demonstrate an amazing depth and diversity of understanding in almost every topic that is taken up. I hope by the time I get to where they are in their careers I have achieved this level of scholarship in Biological Oceanography.”  (Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin, 1 May 2013)