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Biological Reviews

Biological Reviews

Edited By:Tim Benton

Vol 93(6 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1464-7931 Online ISSN: 1469185X Impact Factor: 11.615


Biological Reviews covers the entire range of the biological sciences, presenting several review articles per issue. Although scholarly and with extensive bibliographies, the articles are aimed at non-specialist biologists as well as researchers in the field. Authors are specifically instructed to be aware of this fact in their writing, and the resulting reviews serve as extensive introductions to particular fields, defining the state of the art, and drawing attention to gaps in knowledge. Articles are up to 20,000 words long and each contains an abstract, a thorough introduction and statement of conclusions.

What Biological Reviews has to offer:

  • Fast publication times
  • Flexible policy on nature of articles, with scope for extensive tables and illustrations
  • International exposure with global circulation

* All articles in Biological Reviews are unsolicited reviews. Find out more details on how to submit your review paper here *