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Biometrical Journal

Biometrical Journal

Edited By:Marco Alf�, Dankmar B�hning

Vol 59(6 Issues in 2017 )

Print ISSN: 0323-3847

Online ISSN: 1521-4036

Impact Factor: 1.075

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


Biometrical Journal publishes papers on statistical methods and their applications in life sciences including medicine, environmental sciences and agriculture. Methodological developments should be motivated by an interesting and relevant problem from these areas. Ideally the manuscript should include a description of the problem and a section detailing the application of the new methodology to the problem. Case studies, review articles and letters to the editors are also welcome. Papers containing only extensive mathematical theory are not suitable for publication in Biometrical Journal.

The Editors are supporting reproducible research. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit computer code and data sets used to illustrate new methods. These will be published as supporting information on the journal's webpage once the paper was accepted for publication.

How to cite: To make sure that references to this journal are correctly recorded and resolved (for example in CrossRef or ISI Web of Science), please use the following abbreviated title in any citations: ""Biom. J."" (punctuation may vary according to the style of the citing journal).