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Biophysical Chemistry of Fractal Structures and Processes in Environmental Systems




Biophysical Chemistry of Fractal Structures and Processes in Environmental Systems

Prof. Nicola Senesi (Editor), Kevin J. Wilkinson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-01474-5 July 2008 340 Pages


This book aims to provide the scientific community with a novel and valuable approach based on fractal geometry concepts on the important properties and processes of diverse environmental systems.
The interpretation of complex environmental systems using modern fractal approaches is compared and contrasted with the more classical approaches. The book will provide the fundamental knowledge necessary for solving practical environmental problems. Furthermore, it examinea how the fractal approach has been applied in order to understand the structure and reactivity of natural, environmental systems including flocs, sediments, soils, microorganisms and humic substances.

About the Editors vii

List of Contributors ix

Series Preface xi

Preface xiii

1. Introduction to the Study of Environmental Fractals 1
Nicola Senesi and Kevin J. Wilkinson

2. Introduction to Fractal Geometry, Fragmentation Processes and Multifractal Measures: Theory and Operational Aspects of their Application to Natural Systems 11
Philippe Baveye, Charles W. Boast, Sarra Gaspard, Ana M. Tarquis and Humberto Millan

3. Methods and Techniques for Fractal Analysis of Environmental Systems 69
Graeme Bushell

4. Fractal Structures and Mechanisms in Coagulation/Flocculation Processes in Environmental Systems: Theoretical Aspects 111
Serge Stoll and Silvia Diez

5. Fractal Mechanisms in Coagulation/Flocculation Processes in Environmental Systems 149
Jean Yves Bottero, Armand Masion and Jerome Rose

6. Fractal Approach to Adsorption/Desorption Processes on Environmental Surfaces 179
Zofia Sokolowska and Stefan Sokolowski

7. Applications of Fractals in the Study of Humic Materials 221
James A. Rice

8. Fractal Geometry and Microorganisms in the Environment 239
Lynne Boddy and Damian P. Donnelly

9. Fractal Geometry of Aerosol Particles 273
Ian Colbeck

Index 317

"This is a useful reference book for researchers who study random fractal structures in natural environments." (Journal of Environmental Quality, March-April 2009)