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Biopolymers: Biomedical and Environmental Applications




Biopolymers: Biomedical and Environmental Applications

Susheel Kalia, Luc Avérous

ISBN: 978-0-470-63923-8 October 2011 642 Pages


This handbook focuses on biopolymers for both environmental and biomedical applications.  It shows recent advances in technology in all areas from chemical synthesis or biosynthesis to end use applications. These areas have not been covered in a single book before and they include biopolymers for chemical and biotechnological modifications, material structures, characterization, processing, properties, and applications.

After the introduction which summarizes the importance of biopolymer in the market, the book covers almost all the topics related to polysaccharides, biofibers, bioplastics, biocomposites, natural rubber, gums, bacterial and blood compatible polymers, and applications of biopolymers in various fields.

Introductory Preface.

About the Editors.

Part I. Polysaccharides.

1. Hyaluronic Acid: A Natural Biopolymer (Juergen Schiller, Nicola Volpi, Eva Hrabárova, and Ladislav Soltes).

2. Polysaccharide Graft Copolymers  Synthesis, Properties and Applications (B. S. Kaith, Hemant Mittal, Jaspreet Kaur Bhatia, and Susheel Kalia).

3. Natural Polysaccharides: From Membranes to Active Food Packaging (Keith J. Fahnestock, Marjorie S. Austero, and Caroline L. Schauer).

4. Starch as Source of Polymeric Materials (Antonio A. J. Carvalho).

5. Grafted Polysaccharides: Smart Materials of Future, Synthesis and Applications (Gautam Sen, Ashoke Sharon, and Sagar Pal).

6. Chitosan: The Marine based Biopolymer for Applications (Debasish Sahoo, and P. L. Nayak).

Part II. Bioplastics and Biocomposites.

7. Biopolymers Based-on Carboxylic Acids Derived from Renewable Resources (Sushil Kumar, Nikhil Prakash, and Dipaloy Datta).

8. Characteristics and Applications of PLA (Sandra Domenek, Cecile Courgneau, and Violette Ducruet).

9. Biobased Composites & Applications (Smita Mohanty, and Sanjay K. Nayak).

Part III. Miscellaneous Biopolymers.

10. Cassia Seed Gums: A Renewable Reservoir for Synthesizing High Performance Materials for Water Remediation (Vandana Singh, and Pramendra Kumar).

11. Bacterial Polymers: Resources, Synthesis and Applications (GVN Rathna, and Sutapa Gosh).

12. Gum Arabica: A Natural Biopolymer (A. Sarkar).

13. Gluten: A Natural Biopolymer (S. Georgiev, and Tereza Dekova).

14. Natural Rubber: Production, Properties, and Applications (Thomas Kurian, and N. M. Mathew).

15. Electronic Structures and Conduction Properties of Biopolymers (Mohsineen Wazir, Vinita Arora, and A. K. Bakhshi).

Part IV. Biopolymers for Specific Applications.

16. Applications of Biopolymers in Agriculture with Special Reference to Role of Plant Derived Biopolymers in Crop Protection (S. Niranjan Raj, S. N. Lavanya, J, Sudisha, and H. Shekar Shetty).

17. Modified Cellulose Fibers as a Biosorbent for the Organic Pollutants (Sami Boufi, and Sabrine Alila).

18. Polymers and Biopolymers in Pharmaceutical Technology (István Erös).

19. Biopolymers Employed in Drug Delivery (Betina Giehl Zanetti Ramos).

20. Natural Polymeric Vectors in Gene Therapy (Patit P. Kundu, and Kishor Sarkar).