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Calculus, Volume 1, 2nd Edition

Tom M. Apostol

ISBN: 978-0-471-00005-1 January 1975 688 Pages


An introduction to the Calculus, with an excellent balance between theory and technique. Integration is treated before differentiation--this is a departure from most modern texts, but it is historically correct, and it is the best way to establish the true connection between the integral and the derivative. Proofs of all the important theorems are given, generally preceded by geometric or intuitive discussion. This Second Edition introduces the mean-value theorems and their applications earlier in the text, incorporates a treatment of linear algebra, and contains many new and easier exercises. As in the first edition, an interesting historical introduction precedes each important new concept.
Historical Introduction.

Some Basic Concepts of the Theory of Sets.

A Set of Axioms for the Real Number System.

Mathematical Induction, Summation Notation, and RelatedTopics.

The Concepts of the Integral Calculus.

Some Applications of Differentiation.

Continuous Functions.

Differential Calculus.

The Relation between Integration and Differentiation.

The Logarithm, the Exponential, and the Inverse TrigonometricFunctions.

Polynomial Approximations to Functions.

Introduction to Differential Equations.

Complex Numbers.

Sequences, Infinite Series, Improper Integrals.

Sequences and Series of Functions.

Vector Algebra.

Applications of Vector Algebra to Analytic Geometry.

Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions.

Linear Spaces.

Linear Transformations and Matrices.


Answers to Exercises.