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Canmaking for Can Fillers




Canmaking for Can Fillers

Terence A. Turner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-841-27220-7 September 2001 Wiley-Blackwell 416 Pages


Can fillers around the world operate at many different levels of sophistication, ranging from the highly professional global players who buy and fill billions of cans, to smaller, family-owned companies, which may pack thousands or even hundreds of cans. This book explains what canmaking is about, what is possible and what is not, why you can have a particular container in some markets but not in others, and what may become available in the future. A chapter is included on food contact and environmental issues.

The volume is directed at packaging technologists in food and beverage companies (who are the users of cans), buyers of packaging in these companies, and structural packaging designers.

The market for metal packaging; Materials used in canmaking; Basic canmaking processes and their applications; Packaging for heat-processed foods: the fundamentals of can design; Design and development of easy open ends; Packaging for carbonated beverages; Metal decoration and can shaping; Metal protection; Environmental and food-contact issues; Appendix: Measuring can size; Abbreviations; References; Index.