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Carbohydrate Nanotechnology

Keith J. Stine (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-86053-3 December 2015 488 Pages


Introducing the emerging field carbohydrate nanostructures, this book will be a unique resource for interested researchers to learn a range of methods of applying the field to their own work. Greater access, as well as greater collaboration, to this new interdisciplinary field is intended for both synthetic carbohydrate chemists and researchers in nanoscience related fields. It covers:

  • the main types of nanostructures presently under investigation for modification by carbohydrates, including nanoparticles, nanorods, magnetic particles, dendrimers, nanoporous, and surface confined structures
  • overview and introduction to the field of carbohydrate nanotechnology, and especially its applications to its biological systems
  • Provides a unique resource for researchers to learn about the techniques used to characterize the physical and biological properties of carbohydrate-modified nanostructures

Contributors vii

Preface xi

1 Carbohydrate]Presenting Self]Assembled Monolayers: Preparation, Analysis, and Applications in Microbiology 1
Aline Debrassi, Willem M. de Vos, Han Zuilhof, and Tom Wennekes

2 Plasmonic Methods for the Study of Carbohydrate Interactions 53
Sabine Szunerits and Rabah Boukherroub

3 Carbohydrate]Modified Gold Nanoparticles 79
Mikkel B. Thygesen and Knud J. Jensen

4 Quantum Dot Glycoconjugates 99
Nan Li and Kagan Kerman

5 Conjugation of Glycans with Carbon Nanostructures 123
Zachary P. Michael, Alexander Star, and Sébastien Vidal

6 Synthesis of Glycopolymers and Recent Developments 137
Gokhan Yilmaz and C. Remzi Becer

7 Glycoclusters and their Applications as Anti]Infective Agents, Vaccines, and Targeted Drug Delivery Systems 175
Juan Manuel Casas]Solvas and Antonio Vargas]Berenguel

8 Glyco]Functionalized Liposomes 211
Jacob J. Weingart, Pratima Vabbilisetty, and Xue]Long Sun

9 Glycans in Mesoporous and Nanoporous Materials 233
Keith J. Stine

10 Applications of Nanotechnology in Array]Based Carbohydrate Analysis and Profiling 267
Jared Q. Gerlach, Michelle Kilcoyne, and Lokesh Joshi

11 Scanning Probe Microscopy for the Study of Interactions Involving Glycoproteins and Carbohydrates 285
Yih Horng Tan

12 Sialic Acid]Modified Nanoparticles for β]Amyloid Studies 309
Hovig Kouyoumdjian and Xuefei Huang

13 Carbohydrate Nanotechnology and its Applications for the Treatment of Cancer 335
Shailesh G. Ambre and Joseph J. Barchi, Jr.

14 Carbohydrate Nanotechnology Applied to Vaccine Development 369
Rajesh Sunasee and Ravin Narain

15 Carbohydrate Nanotechnology and its Application to Biosensor Development 387
Andras Hushegyi, Ludmila Klukova, Tomas Bertok, and Jan Tkac

16 Nanotoxicology Aspects of Carbohydrate Nanostructures 423
Yinfa Ma and Qingbo Yang

Index 453