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Caring for Children and Families

Caring for Children and Families

Ian Peate (Editor) , Lisa Whiting (Co-Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-01970-2

Jul 2006

316 pages

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This text will help students understand fundamental aspects of clinical practice in order to provide safe and effective care to children and their families in various situations. When in clinical practice, students may find themselves being supervised from a distance, and as such, this text will help the student when they find themselves in a variety of settings to assist their integration of theory and practice. The reader will develop their paediatric caring skills with a sound knowledge base, which will underpin the safe and effective delivery of care.
* User-friendly writing style
* Contributions from expert paediatric academic staff and skilled clinicians
* One of the few books that deal with clinical practice specifically related to, and addressing the needs of children in a user friendly manner.
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1. Introduction (Ian Peate and Lisa Whiting).

2. Children and their Families (Lisa Whiting).

3. Communicating with Children and Families (Peter Vickers).

4. Working as a Member of the Child Health Team (Lisa Whiting and Ian Peate).

5. Health Promotion: A Child-centred Approach (Sue Miller).

6. Biological Aspects of Child Health Care (Pat Harwood).

7. Assessment and Monitoring of Children (Liz Gormley-Fleming).

8. The Importance of Play (Mary Donnelly and Julie Robinson)

9. Maintaining Safety (Cathy Cairns and Liz Gormley-Fleming).

10. Accident Prevention (Mary Donnelly and Billie Kell).

11. Safeguarding Children (Dee Harris and Helen Russell-Johnson).

12. Legal Concerns (Helen Russell-Johnson and Dee Harris).

13. Future Aspirations (Lyn Karstadt).

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations.