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Categorical Data Analysis Using the SAS System, 2nd Edition

Categorical Data Analysis Using the SAS System, 2nd Edition

Maura E. Stokes, Charles S. Davis, Gary G. Koch

ISBN: 978-0-471-22424-2

648 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Along with providing a useful discussion of categorical data analysis techniques, this book shows how to apply these methods with the SAS System. The authors include practical examples from a broad range of applications to illustrate the use of the FREQ, LOGISTIC, GENMOD, and CATMOD procedures in a variety of analyses. They also discuss other procedures such as PHREG and NPAR1WAY.
Preface to the Second Edition.


Chapter 1. Introduction.

Chapter 2. The 2 x 2 Table.

Chapter 3. Sets of 2 x 2 Tables.

Chapter 4. Sets of 2 x r and s x 2 Tables.

Chapter 5. The s x r Table.

Chapter 6. Sets of s x r Tables.

Chapter 7. Nonparametric Methods.

Chapter 8. Logistic Regression I: Dichotomous Response.

Chapter 9. Logistic Regression II: Polytomous Response.

Chapter 10. Conditional Logistic Regression.

Chapter 11. Quantal Bioassay Analysis.

Chapter 12. Poisson Regression.

Chapter 13. Weighted Least Squares.

Chapter 14. Modeling Repeated Measurements Data with WLS.

Chapter 15. Generalized Estimating Equations.

Chapter 16. Loglinear Models.

Chapter 17. Categorized Time-to-Event Data.