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Children & Society

Children & Society

Edited By:Janet Boddy, Sara Bragg, Wendy Sims-Schouten and Rachael Stryker

Vol 32(6 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 0951-0605 Online ISSN: 1099-0860 Impact Factor: .802


Children & Society is an international, interdisciplinary journal publishing high quality research and debate on all aspects of childhood and policies and services for children and young people.

Children & Society embraces academic research, policy and practice in relation to the health, education and welfare of children from infancy through to adulthood. The journal informs all those who work with and for children, young people and their families by publishing innovative contributions on research and practice across a broad spectrum of topics, including: theories of childhood; children's everyday lives at home, school and in the community; children's culture, rights and participation; children's health and well-being; child protection, early intervention and prevention.

We welcome top quality academic papers on these and other topics for submission to our panel of peer reviewers. Our aim is to be the journal of first choice for leading international childhood researchers and a forum for critical analysis and debate.

We especially encourage the submission of papers that develop a critical approach to children and childhood based on primary data. Review articles may be published where they make a clear contribution to knowledge.

Children & Society is a key resource for practitioners, policy-makers and scholars seeking an understanding of children and young people in contemporary societies and the issues that affect their lives.

Children & Society is published by Wiley on behalf of the National Children's Bureau, with an independent editorial board.