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Clinical Oncology and Error Reduction

Professor Antonella Surbone, Professor Michael Rowe

ISBN: 978-1-118-74906-7 April 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 208 Pages



Clinical Oncology and Error Reduction fills a gap - the lack of a single volume on medical error in the vast field of cancer care - that has existed since a 1999 Institute of Medicine’s report introduced the term ‘medical error’ as a topic for doctors and patients alike. The volume, edited by Antonella Surbone, M.D., a clinical oncologist and Michael Rowe, Ph.D., a medical sociologist, includes chapters written by experts on the topic including physicians, nurses, patients, and advocates, and covers a wide range of topics essential to an understanding of the unique character, challenges, and needed responses to the risk, incidence, and aftermath of medical error in the diagnosis, treatment, and aftermath of treatment for cancer. Clinical Oncology and Error Reduction will serve as the standard for framing the discussion of error in the field for oncologists, epidemiologists, nurses, healthcare administrators, researchers, and scholars. An indispensable handbook for all clinical oncologists, their staff, nurses, and oncology residents and fellows, this book:

  • Contains practical information for immediate clinical application
  • Covers topics such as patient safety, error prevention, quality improvement, errors disclosure and apology, and the impact of errors on patients and doctors
  • Each chapter contains special "take home" points that highlight issues of particular clinical relevance and application
  • Prepared by an expert, multidisciplinary, international team of physicians, nurses, researchers, hospital administrators, bioethicists, patients and patient advocates

Dr. Surbone shared with ASCO Connection her insights about patient safety and medical errors and offered a glimpse into the history that led to this new book:

List of contributors vii

Foreword ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgment xv

1 Introduction to oncology and medical errors 1
Antonella Surbone and Michael Rowe

Part I Medical errors and oncology: background and context

2 Recognizing and facing medical errors: the perspective of a physician who is also the patient 17
Itzhak Brook

3 Psychological and existential consequences of medical error for oncology professionals 29
Mary J. Chalino, Evelyn Y.T. Wong, Bradley L. Collins, and Richard T. Penson

4 To sue or not to sue: restoring trust in patient–doctor–family relationships 51
Michael Rowe and Antonella Surbone

Part II Improving patient safety in clinical oncology practice

5 Prevention of errors and patient safety: oncology nurses’ perspectives 67
Martha Polovich

6 Prevention of errors and patient safety from the oncologist’s perspective 87
Meghan E. C. Shea, Nie Bohlen, and Inga T. Lennes

7 Disclosing harmful medical errors 101
Walter F. Baile and Daniel Epner

8 Do cross-cultural differences influence the occurrence and disclosure of medical errors in oncology? 111
Lidia Schapira, Joseph R. Betancourt, and Alexander R. Green

Part III Cancer patients, oncology professionals, and institutions against medical errors

9 Prevention of errors and patient safety: institutional perspectives 127
Eric Manheimer

10 Professional and ethical responsibilities in adverse events and medical errors: discussions when things go wrong 145
Patrick Forde and Albert W. Wu

11 Medical error and patient advocacy 158
Juanne N. Clarke, PhD

12 Conclusion: the “given” and “therefores” of clinical oncology and medical errors 172
Antonella Surbone and Michael Rowe

Index 181