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Colonel Josiah Wedgwood’s Questionnaire: Members of Parliament, 1885-1918

Colonel Josiah Wedgwood’s Questionnaire: Members of Parliament, 1885-1918

Priscilla Baines

ISBN: 978-1-118-33602-1

Nov 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

286 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This book provides unique insights into the parliamentary experiences of MPs by using questionnaires completed by all those who had been elected to the House of Commons from 1885-1918.

  • Analyses and summarises the questionnaire created by Josiah Wedgwood MP, the main initiator of the History of Parliament project
  • Includes the surprisingly truthful and informative answers about their subjects’ political and parliamentary careers
  • Also contains Wedgwood’s often sharply observed biographies (reproduced in an appendix), and provides fascinating insights into a crucial period for the House of Commons

Note on Sources

Chapter 1. Colonel Wedgwood and the History of Parliament

Chapter 2. The Questionnaire

Chapter 3. 'Getting Inside Their Minds': Formative Influences and Personal Backgrounds

Chapter 4. Political and Parliamentary Careers

Chapter 5. Personal and Political Finances

Chapter 6. Speeches, Speech-Making and Voting Behaviour 

Chapter 7. The Biographies


1. Respondents to Wedgwood's Questionnair

2. The Questionnaire

3. Wedgwood’s Own Completed Questionnaire

4. Sir Henry Bowles' Questionnaire, Biography and Correspondence

5. The Biographies