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Combinatorial Optimization


A complete, highly accessible introduction to one of today's most exciting areas of applied mathematics

One of the youngest, most vital areas of applied mathematics, combinatorial optimization integrates techniques from combinatorics, linear programming, and the theory of algorithms. Because of its success in solving difficult problems in areas from telecommunications to VLSI, from product distribution to airline crew scheduling, the field has seen a ground swell of activity over the past decade.

Combinatorial Optimization is an ideal introduction to this mathematical discipline for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of discrete mathematics, computer science, and operations research. Written by a team of recognized experts, the text offers a thorough, highly accessible treatment of both classical concepts and recent results. The topics include:
* Network flow problems
* Optimal matching
* Integrality of polyhedra
* Matroids
* NP-completeness

Featuring logical and consistent exposition, clear explanations of basic and advanced concepts, many real-world examples, and helpful, skill-building exercises, Combinatorial Optimization is certain to become the standard text in the field for many years to come.

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Problems and Algorithms.

Optimal Trees and Paths.

Maximum Flow Problems.

Minimum-Cost Flow Problems.

Optimal Matchings.

Integrality of Polyhedra.

The Traveling Salesman Problem.


NP and NP-Completeness.