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Comparative Social Policy: Concepts, Theories and Methods




Comparative Social Policy: Concepts, Theories and Methods

Jochen Clasen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20773-3 December 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 296 Pages



Comparative Social Policy provides students with an introduction to cross-national social policy research, conveying the fascinating and challenging issues involved in conducting research of this kind. The book examines the theoretical, conceptual and methodological approaches, discusses prevailing concepts and reflects on methodological difficulties.
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List of Contributors.

1. Introduction: Jochen Clasen (University of Stirling).

Part I: Welfare States and Comparative Social Policy: .

2. Trends and Developments in Welfare States: Catherine Jones Finer (University of Birmingham).

3. Theories and Methods in Comparative Social Policy: Deborah Mabbett (University of Brunel) and Helen Bolderson (University of Brunel).

Part II: Comparative Analyses in Selected Policy Fields: .

4. Comparative Housing Policy: John Doling (University of Birmingham).

5. Institutions, States and Cultures: Health Policy and Politics in Europe: Richard Freeman (University of Edinburgh).

6. Comparing Family Policies in Europe: Linda Hantrais.

7. Full Circle: a Second Coming for Social Assistance?: John Ditch (University of York).

8. Comparative Approaches to Long-term Care for Adults: Susan Tester (University of Stirling).

9. Unemployment Compensation and Other Labour-Market Policies: Jochen Clasen (University of Stirling).

Part III: Themes and Topics in Comparative Social Policy: .

10. The 'Problem' of Lone Motherhood in Comparative Perspective: Jane Lewis (University of Nottingham).

11. Inside Out: Migrants' Disentitlement to Social Security Benefits in the EU: Simon Roberts (University of Brunel) and Helen Bolderson (University of Brunel).

12. Accumulated Disadvantage? Welfare State Provision and the Incomes of Older Women and Men in Britain, France and Germany: Katherine Rake (London School of Economics).



* Contributions from a number of leading academics with experience of different areas within comparative social policy research as well as undergraduate teaching.
* Covers conceptual, methodological, theoretical and practical aspects of cross-national research in social policy.
* Addresses a wide range of policies and themes, using a variety country samples and sizes.