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Comprehensive Tracheostomy Care: The National Tracheostomy Safety Project Manual




Comprehensive Tracheostomy Care: The National Tracheostomy Safety Project Manual

Brendan McGrath (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-79277-3 April 2014 BMJ Books 164 Pages


Comprehensive Tracheostomy Care is a resource developed by the UK National Tracheostomy Safety Project (NTSP) to help promote and facilitate the safe management of tracheostomies and laryngectomies. The scope includes hospital in-patient specialist areas such as critical care, head & neck units and specialist wards, but it is also applicable to more general wards, outpatient and community settings. The majority of the content is for adult patients, complemented by a dedicated paediatric chapter developed with colleagues from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The manual is a ‘one stop shop’ covering all aspects of tracheostomy and laryngectomy management. It includes multidisciplinary resources from surgical, anaesthetic, nursing, intensive care and allied health backgrounds, along with guidance from key UK stakeholder organisations. Emergency guidance has been reviewed and endorsed by relevant Royal Colleges, national organisations and patient groups.

It takes into account many national and international guidelines, policies and resources. It has been developed by consulting as widely as possible, across traditional professional boundaries using expertise and existing guidance from around the world, including the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative ( Relevant existing resources are brought together coherently, with new resources presented in easy-to-follow text, illustrations, photographs and innovative linked e-learning and interactive resources.

NTSP Editorial board, vii

Preface, ix

Acknowledgements, xi

Competing interests, xiii

Disclaimer, xv

Contact details and further information, xvii

Executive summary and Key recomendations, xix

1 How the NTSP resources were developed, 1

2 What is a tracheostomy? What is a laryngectomy?, 3

3 Why and how a tracheostomy is performed, 7

4 Different types of tracheostomy tubes, 20

5 Management of the day-to-day needs of the patient with a tracheostomy and laryngectomy, 28

6 Complications, 67

7 Redflags, 72

8 Emergency management of the patient with a tracheostomy or laryngectomy, 74

9 Paediatric tracheostomy care (with Great Ormond Street Hospital, London), 85

10 Infrastructure considerations, 111

11 Competencies for staff caring for patients with tracheostomies or laryngectomies, 117

12 Courses, 122

13 Human factors, 124

Bibliography, 131