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Constraint-Aided Conceptual Design




Constraint-Aided Conceptual Design

Barry A. O'Sullivan

ISBN: 978-1-860-58335-3 December 2001 200 Pages


A title in the “Engineering Research Series” Constraint-Aided Conceptual Design is concerned with that phase of product development during which the designer takes a specification for the product and generates many broad solutions to achieve the end result. This valuable book offers a computational reasoning solution based on the notion of constraint filtering as the basis of an interactive design support tool to assist a human designer working in the conceptual phase of design. Using this interactive design support tool, the designer can be assisted in developing models of proposed schemes which satisfy the various constraints that are imposed on the design.


  • Background
  • Theory
  • Implementation strategy
  • Illustration and validation
  • Conclusions
  • An overview of Galileo
  • Generic design concepts
  • An illustrative example
  • An industrial case study.