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Digest of Middle East Studies

Digest of Middle East Studies

Edited By:Professor Mohammed M. Aman

Online ISSN: 1949-3606

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


DOMES (Digest of Middle East Studies) is a biennial refereed journal entering its 19th volume, recently acquired by the Policy Studies Organization and published by Wiley-Blackwell as of 2010. DOMES is devoted to articles and reviews of topics concerning the Middle East. This encompasses Islam, the Arab countries, Israel, and those countries traditionally referred to as the Near East, including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey. DOMES is intended for individuals, libraries, research centers, corporations and government offices with interests in the Middle East. The roster of authors and reviewers represents specialists from different religious, political, and subject backgrounds. The scope of materials published or reviewed covers all subjects originally published in English, European, or non-European languages, ranging from books and journals to databases, films, and other media. DOMES includes informational, creative, and critical literary efforts.