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Dynamics of Flight: Stability and Control, 3rd Edition




Dynamics of Flight: Stability and Control, 3rd Edition

Bernard Etkin, Lloyd Duff Reid

ISBN: 978-0-471-03418-6 November 1995 400 Pages


Designed to prepare students to become aeronautical engineers who can face new and challenging situations. Retaining the same philosophy as the two preceding editions, this update emphasizes basic principles rooted in the physics of flight, essential analytical techniques along with typical stability and control realities.In keeping with current industry practice, flight equations are presented in dimensional state-vector form. The chapter on closed-loop control has been greatly expanded with details on automatic flight control systems. Uses a real jet transport (the Boeing 747) for many numerical and worked-out examples.

An accompanying solutions manual can be purchased separately.

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Static Stability and Control 1.

Static Stability and Control 2.

General Equations of Unsteady Motion.

The Stability Derivatives.

Stability of Uncontrolled Motion.

Response to Actuation of the Controls-Open Loop.

Closed-Loop Control.